10 Sexting Rules You Should Never Ignore

There is always a crease that needs to be followed while making an online mate to have a safer sexting. Here we go with the sexting rules  needs to be done.

Many couples often get engulfed in the online messengers while they are apart and it is more likely that the bond between the couples get even more strong when are attached with this kind of activity.

Please be notified with whom you are doing the act because sexting should be done only with the person you rely the most and the risk increase every time you share a naughty ping. You can definitely stay away from the risks but some common sexting rules needs to be followed to do so.

Rules To Have A Safer Sexting

It is obviously very challenging job to stay alerted and safe when the hot sexts make you wet and horny. There might be some instances where people get more focused on you even when you sexts as husband and wife. There are quite multiple ways to ensure your safety even while your deeply involved in the sexts. The common sexting rules you can follow to stay yourself safe are:

Keeping Faith on your Partner

It is very important that you are involved with the person you believe with utmost confidence.There are many people who do not truly trust their partners yet they exchange sexts among them.

Usage of Code Names

Have some pet names and short names while sexting as this could create a separate room-space for both you and your partner. Choose a name that is completely unrelated to that of yours. This sexting rule could turn the environment more erotic while foreplay and also it makes the other person difficult to know about your information.

Mask Your Face

Trying not to show your face is accepted but showing your face straight away isn’t a sexting rule Be more precautious while sexting naughty pictures of yours to your partner.


Give You Own Code Words For Acts

If you are looking for a partner who can completely turn you on with the naughty acts and sexts, be secured with the code names for every act. Not letting the world know about your conversation is one of the biggest sexting rules. Make the names different for every alternate conversation as this makes it difficult for the other to understand.

Drinking and Sexting, Never A Good Combination

One of the common sexting rules is that you have to precisely maintain a single task while sexting and that is delivering sexts. Sharing sexts while consuming alcohol can mess up the entire situation can lead to life time miseries.Yes, alcohol might boost up your mood but it is always advised not to club both at a single go. Alcohol makes your thinking unclear, makes you sloppier and this can lead to sexting a wrong person.

However and whoever might be your partner, safety must be ensured at the primary level. The current society is witnessing many accidental and incidentals situations where the partners are directly focused. Maintain certain security levels within your ranges to have a protected conversation. Always play safe.


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