3 Crazy Tricks for Male Commuters to Get Seats in Delhi Metro

We all have heard about one Hindi Proverb – “Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedi karni padti hai” and now we’re here to tell you how Delhi Metro male commuters can get seats without any fights in Delhi Metro.

Well, we will not suggest you try all these tricks on senior citizens and ladies commuters. But if you’re finding any physically strong person seating on a seat and if you wants that seat then you must follow all these crazy ways of getting seats in Delhi Metro –

Funny Ways To Grab Seats In Delhi Metro

Ah! Suddenly I Got a Leg Sprain

Suppose you’re standing near the young strong man who is seating on his seat, in this case, do a little movement like you’re moving to somewhere and suddenly behave like getting imbalanced. Now try to grab the attention of people standing around you and behave like you got a leg sprain and can’t stand anymore. We still have those kind-hearted people around us who can give their seats to you to make you feel relax.

Oh! I’m falling down, Help Me!

Act like you’re sick when you enter inside the metro. Now stand somewhere you’ll find some chances to get a seat. And now it’s time to do some acting. Act like you’re falling down and just need a seat. Someone will really allow you to sit on their seat and then smile and behave like you’re okay now. But do not forget to say “Thanks” please!

Hey! Can you adjust, please?

We Indian people are good in adjustments. We can adjust everywhere. Now you have to use this trick. When you find any tiny place then you must not lose the chance. Just put a sweet smile on your face, and ask someone “can you please adjust?”. Before doing this, kindly please ensure what kind of person he or she is. Otherwise, your effort is gonna be wasted if the person is not adjustable.

Being a daily Delhi Metro commuter, I have witnessed all these 3 tricks usually people assumes to get a seat in Delhi Metro. All these are funny and entertaining but the quiet true. Only daily Delhi Metro commuters can understand!


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