4 Favorable Occupations For Shirley Setia Unlike Singing

We all know Shirley Setia as a singer. She is 22 years old who was born in Auckland, New Zealand and studied b.com at university of Auckland.

Shirley Setia got her fame through Youtube and gradually became famous in all social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and instagram and she became known as a singer with beautiful and sensational voice. She’s one from the list of people got fame from social media.

But on the basis of people’s views and our vision, we think she should do more than just singing to get more in life.

Optional Occupation For Shirley Setia

What are those things? Well, here you go..



What makes a person model? A charming face, attractive features, impressive personality and last but not the least a confident to present oneself. We think Shirley has it all. She got a charming face and gesture which can make anyone fall for her. She’s confident and a “showable” personality who can become a promoter for a business’s brand. She can be a model and rock the ramp on fashion shows, she can be a brand ambassador for several products, and she can be a face of the magazine and also can be a perfect model for photoshoot.

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You’re nicely connected with Shirley Setia instagram and facebook accounts and you’ve seen her lot of photographs covering concerts and trips. It difficult to remove your eyes from her charming face but did you ever checked her outfits, dresses and Shirley Setia haircut? If yes, then you can say that she can be a fashionist as she has a nice choice and collections of dresses and grooming herself.


She has posted various posts and snaps during her trips to Melbourne, Dubai and so on. She has a nice way of presentation as a traveler on social media. She can be a reporter and work as a travelers to support various media firms to broadcast variety of destinations with such beautiful face. Of course, a journey with her will be a beautiful journey.


Big screens keep changing faces and desire to show a new face to keep the soul of audience engaged and keep the eyes of audience on screen. Shirley Setia is the best option cinema world can have. She can act nicely and stole million of hearts by her cuteness and can greatly play a role of a teenage girl on screen.

She’s a queen of million’s hearts and she can become more than this if she tries any one of the above optional occupations for Shirley Setia.


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