5 Ways To Impress Her On The First Date

We all have heard the quote say ‘first impression is the last impression’, and we have abided by the same too. First impression, first dates and first conversations are something that you’ll definitely remember. Now, it depends on you whether you wish to remember it or regret it. It all depends on the way you impress her on the first date.

Charm is something that a guy doesn’t always get by birth, you’ve got to earn it and use it in wooing the lady love you’ve always wanted to date. Asking out a girl on the first date can be tedious in itself and then making the date a memorable event is another task on a different level. It is no rocket science to impress her on the first date, all you need is these 5 simple, straight and helpful tips to get along with the date and impress her in a swift move.

The Curiosity

We all know you are curious to talk to her, to know her even better and since you lack topics to talk to, you eventually retort to asking questions. Boy, she is on a date with you and you are to impress her on the first date, she is not sitting for an interview. For girls, it is not less than an interview when guys bombard them with questions relevant or irrelevant. Take it slow, let her carry on the conversation too, let her ask too and don’t keep it just a question-answer round. Talk freely.

The Awkwardness

It is you who called out on her for the date and it is you who has to make her comfortable, nevertheless. If you yourself go shy and make the entire scenario awkward, it is not taking anywhere and she’ll eventually have a negative idea about you. Women love men around whom she can be the most comfortable self.

The Phone is the Issue

Literally; we all are very much accustomed to using phones almost more than half of the day. But when on the date, that too for the first time, keep your phone aside. Women look for their worth. If they ever find that you are unable to give her the worth and the attention, she’ll definitely look for some other guy. Give her the attention she needs and wants.

The Funny Guy

Sense of humour is the key to impress her on the first date. But there’s also the disadvantage that comes. Sense of humour, being funny and all is pretty good as it sounds, but then that could go overboard and you could end up sounding lame, cracking lame jokes and a person who laughs on his own joke. That would be a major turn off, honey.

Don’t Bring Your Past Relations

NEVER, ever discuss or bring about the topic of your ex-girlfriends or your crushes or women you’d wanted to date. That’d only lead to a lot of pressure and awkwardness for her, as to what is she to reply to something you’ve experienced or wished for.

Have a good and memorable first date.


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