6 Common Orders Indian Middle-Class Parents Give To Their Children

Indian typical middle-class family has some rules and regulations or you can say some limitations that they build within which the whole family has to live and work. No one can cross the limits because such limits are drawn by the parents and parents’ decision is the final decision. If you belong to a middle-class family with medium income group, then must have heard these 5 common orders middle-class parents give to their children. These can be taken as orders, directions, lessons or values, but you have to follow them.

Lesson Taught by Middle-Class Parents

Let’s have a look at these 5 common orders of the middle-class family’s parents:

No Relationships

When you turn teen or adult, the first and the most common lesson your parents teach is never being in relationship stay away from all these girlfriend-boyfriend stuff. There are some families too who do not allow their children to talk with opposite sex. Your parents calls you can strictly gives you an order that “you’re going to enter in the most crucial age of your age in which you will find so much distraction like relationship and all, stay away from all these bullshit, we don’t want any girl to knock our door with a pregnant stomach and claim our son is the father of that child inside her womb.”

Save Money, Be an Economical

Middle-Class Parents give more values to money saving and they always teach their children to save money and be an economical person. They always order to not waste money on outside food, parties, they orders to prefer a walk more than hiring a public transport for coming home from the office, college or coaching.

Learn To Cook Food, Otherwise, Your Mother-In-Law Will Beat You

Middle-Class Parents are future predictors as they predict what their daughter’s mother-in-law is going to do in future. Learn to cool food, otherwise, your mother-in-law will beat you is the most common thing middle-class parents teaches to daughter.

Come Home Within Time, Otherwise “4 Log Kya Kahenge”

For any middle-class family, those “4 log” are the most valuable people. Falling of reputation in front of those “4 log” is the end of the life and to maintain a good impression in front of them (4 log), middle-class parents orders their children to come home within time, do not hang out with friends especially opposite sex and behave decently among society.


Stay Away From Fights, Any Social Movement – Once You Go To Jail, Your Life Will Be Ruined

The middle-class family can’t take risks in life that can ruin their reputation and the whole life. They orders their children to stay away from any fights, not to join any social movement, stay away from all disputes and do not get involved in anything that can result badly for the whole life.

Study Hard and Get a Job, Business is Not Made For Us

Middle-Class Parents don’t want their children to take risk in life and they always expect from their children to study hard and get relevant where they will get enough income to survive and they always orders their children to not even think about business, because they can’t afford risk.

We know you have commonly seen this instruction from your parents. Well, we’re helpless, it’s your parents, you have to follow their instructions… Haha!!


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