6 Men’s Things to Arouse Women Sex Desire

We all are human and we all have sex fantasies and desires which arouses by certain things, in certain times or by certain feelings. It’s a natural thing when a woman craves for a man body. Sex is just like a food, a delicious food that can make you hungry sometimes and develop a crave to have it and taste it.

There are certain things in a man to arouse sex desire of a woman and here we’ll talk about those things –


Appearance isn’t a rare thing to attract someone towards you. A charming and handsome appearance can make anyone fall for you. A man with handsome appearance can make a women desire for him. There are various things into the appearance and the most important thing is –

Body And Shape – A well-built man’s body can arouse a woman’s sex desire. A flaunting body and nicely structured body of a man is enough to activate women’s sexual drive.

Beard – Well, a man with beard or a man without beard is all depends on a woman’s choice. But it’s noticed that most women fall for a man with handsome beard. Although, there are some women who desire for a man without beard (shaved).

Eyes – men are not only to fall for women’s eyes but woman also gets attracted by man’s charming and drunken eyes and it is sufficient to make a woman hungry for him.



You have surely seen in several perfume ads when a woman gets attracted by a man’s perfume smell and pull him towards her. Some people find it crazy but it’s true. Yes, a man’s smell is enough to make a woman crazy for sex. It may be his perfume’s scent, his own body smell or something that a woman’s specific choice.

Men’s Words

Words have a power to attract someone and words have a power to make someone far from you. A man’s words are enough to arouse the sexual intention of a woman. Whenever a man compliment about a woman’s beauty or anything sexy about her, talk romantic, a woman automatically started feeling sexy and come close to him.


Physical Strength and Power

Women usually give attention to a physical strong and powerful man as she started imaging the same strength during sex and you should know that every woman desires for a man to perform well on bed with full strength and power. So, your physical strength and power is enough to arouse her sex desire.


Whenever woman is feeling sexy or sexually active then she started liking everything on a man and want him to pull her towards him and kick on the bed, bite her and satisfy her sex desire. So mood is also a factor that can arouse a woman’s sex desire and a man’s romantic expressions can arouse a woman’s mood.


When a man started foreplay, a woman automatically started surrendering her. However it happens in case of men too but it is also said that it is difficult for a man to arouse a woman’s sexual desire and a nicely performed foreplay can arouse her sex desire. Any man’s touch on her sensitive parts is enough to get a woman over a man.


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