7th Pay Commission Latest News 2017: NAC may not hike employee’s minimum pay

7th pay commission have already recommended certain changes in the minimum pay and fitment factor of central government employees and some recommendation have already been brought into effect like bringing the minimum pay from 7000 to 18000. Around 48 Lacs central government employees are waiting for the final decision from NAC (National Anomaly Committee) which may come possibly by 15th Dec 2017. On 7th Pay Commission Latest News 2017 is NAC is a 22 members high level committee formed to solve or resolve all matters related to the execution of 7th Pay commission’s recommendations and  is looking to submit their review and report to the central government on the recommendation under 7th Pay Commission soon.

7th Pay Commission allowances:

Latest 7th Pay Commission allowances news says Over 48 Lacs central government employees are eagerly waiting for the final report from NAC where their expectation of minimum pay is to be at 21000 from the recommended 18000 under 7th pay commission. Also, the fitment factor expected by employees is to go from 2.57 to 3.00 times. However, these central government employees have already shown dissatisfaction on the recommendation got approved in the month of June and demanded a minimum pay to be at 26000 and the fitment factor to be at 3.68 times from existing 2.57 times.

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The most crucial and important bit of all these is that it’s being heard that NAC may not suggest increase in the minimum pay and the fitment factor. As per NAC committee, the said demand of increase in minimum pay and the fitment factor formula does not comes under or cannot be treated as anomaly and therefore it does not come under the purview of the NAC. If this happens and NAC does not submit any input on the raise of minimum pay and the increase of fitment factor, central government employees may feel dissatisfied once again from these procedural activities which is just in place to drag the issue to as much as possible.


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