Benefits of Having a Mentor – Elevate Women’s Professional Wits

Irrespective of the gender, we all know how important is it to have a mentor beside you, especially in the times of need. Because gender equality has been empowered from only a few decades, women often face new challenges that leave them baffled. Be it in the field of education, job, business or any aspect of life, a mentor is always needed for guidance. Though it is difficult to find the perfect mentor, but if found, there could be no blessing above that.

How can a mentor help you?

A mentor is a much needed guidance to take and level up the professional game or career we wish to have. With time, the world has come to understand that mentor is a need for all the women. As women are approaching and upgrading their designation and value in all terms, they too need a practical and defined guidance and suggestions often times.

Let’s learn some benefits of having a mentor!


  1. Clear and defined vision: A mentor is an individual who helps a woman to realize her state of problems and extend a clear vision in them about it. Since the mentor are supposed to be an experienced individual in the same field, their knowledge can help the emerging women entrepreneurs, students, professionals to bring better and efficient solutions on the table than their competitors or counterparts.
  2. Gain back confidence and self-esteem: Women often face discrimination at work place or other place of operations, and this may lead to a downgraded self confidence and trust in their talents. A mentor can here help women to gain back their belief in their capabilities, which can in turn not only increase the productivity but the increased outcome will also land them in better places in future.
  3. Enhanced networks: Mentoring is a great way to widen quality network links whether at work or your educational place. A mentor in your field can open doors and in still skills in you which may help a woman to meet, scan, analyze and keep up the valuable links with people they come across. Since networking is a great way to build and maintain professional and cordial relations, mentors can literally bring the potential women to rise like a rocket in real terms through efficiency.

Though mentors are needed by both men and women, mentoring for women on the educational or corporate front have been observed to be a game changer in today’s time.


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