Do You Know Why Winter Is The Best Time To Visit Nainital?

With a sweet happy atmospheric condition and with a pleasant climate and large amount of luxury hotels around, Nainital is categorized one of the best tourist destination in India. It’s preferred by everyone who likes hill stations and natural Nainital lakes. But usually people confused about the best time to visit Nainital. This article will overcome your problem and give you a proper solution.

Obviously Nainital is a place famous for its lake and luxurious hotels and you can find it all the time whenever you visit over here. But people who like chilling in the night air or want charm and cold weather can visit Nainital in the winter months. Winter is the best time to visit Nainital and preferred by most of the tour advisors. In this time, you can enjoy 0 degree temperature with snow fall in Nainital.

Reasons: Winter is the best time to visit Nainital:


People who like natural snowfall with a chilled and airy environment December – February are the best time to visit Nainital. During these months you can enjoy snowfall and snow skating. Childrens enjoy Christmas month December especially with their own creation of Snowbird and Snow- Santa in the other hand couple enjoy February month as romantic month.

Neither too hot not too cold:

Winter month in Nainital give you a perfect season and temperature in Nainital to explore the place. For a traveler it’s a good practice to decide a place and time as well where they don’t get tied due to temperature. So if you are a foot-walker then winter season is the best time with best temperature.

Siberian Birds:

In the winter season you can see many of the Siberian birds near Nainital Lake.  These white showy Siberian birds only come in the winter season.

Comfortable accommodation offers:

By Tourism Department in Nainital there are lots of offer and discount given every year especially in the month of December and January.  So if you choose this time you can also get this opportunity.


Best places to visit in Nainital:

Nainital Lake: Word famous and a natural fresh water body.

Pt. G.B. pant High Altitude Zoo: This zoo is for small and cute mammals also a home for Himalayan birds.

Eco cave Gardens: This is a hanging garden with the musical fountain. This place has 6 small shaped caves for various animals.

Naina Devi Temple: This temple is situated at the 1219 meter height above the sea. This temple is on a hill top in Himanchal Pradesh and known as a holy place by pilgrims.

Snow View Point: Snow view point provides you a 3 kilometer of the magical white snowy view of Himalyas. You can enjoy this place by taxi and cable car because of slopes over there.

Jeolikot: As per survey this is one of the best places liked by female. This place is known as gateway of Naini Lake and colorful flowers with different types of butterflies are the best thing of this place you can enjoy. Jeolikot is especially famous for its butterfly’s population.

So go the Nainital in this winter season if you want to enjoy a chill, snowy and booby weather with lots of adventures.


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