Outdoor Learning – The Amazing Technique for Playful Learning

Open air learning isn’t another idea. Individuals in antiquated Rome and Greece were engaged with open-air training. Actually, around 200 years back, there were more understudies adapting outside, yet the Western idea of learning between dividers has won. Today, it appears that the pattern and interest for adaptable outdoor learning conditions in an instructive setting are returning.

Outdoor Learning – The New And Interesting Way Of Learning

According to numerous specialists, learning outside the dividers of the classroom is an awesome idea. In the meantime, this is an idea that covers a wide zone. For instance, there are numerous understudies that take field treks to learn new things, however, in a stricter sense, open-air learning implies taking classes in an instructive situation outside.

Various logical investigations, reviews, and research have affirmed that distinctive kinds of people learn in various ways. Yet, as indicated by a considerable lot of these examinations, the constructive outcomes of outdoor learning are undisputable and they appear to help the development and instruction of understudies paying little mind to their age. The individuals who don’t know how precisely outside learning in an instructive situation helps understudies ought to take in more of the advantages of this action.

To begin with, outdoor learning can be very useful with regards to participation. For reasons unknown understudies are more connected with when things they ought to learn are connected and happen in genuine conditions outside of the classroom. This is an awesome method to enhance the odds of achieving and accomplishing superb outcomes.

Moreover, outside learning in an instructive domain has turned out to be helpful for the change of understudies’ conduct. To be specific, understudies who have issues with their conduct, such as being overactive or being dormant, will probably get drawn in with this type of learning.

A fresh out of the box new condition can make instructing and coaching of any subject into something more important to the understudies when it is performed in an instructive domain. Professionals of this idea say that they can breathe life into the subject and influence the figuring out how to encounter more distinctive and energetic. Understudies will take full advantage of such class since they can’t encounter similar things when they are inside the four dividers of their classroom.



Whenever educators, teachers or mentors take their understudies to normal or synthetic attractions related to the subject they are endeavoring to instruct, the illustration will enable understudies to meet other individuals who are proficient in that topic. This will enable them to gain firsthand from individuals who have coordinate involvement with the subject being instructed and maybe support their excitement and engagement.

Certain classifications of understudies that are associated with open-air learning can likewise get some valuable abilities when the classes are centered around getting work involvement. As such, this is where the understudies get a chance to attempt things that they have never attempted. At times, this training can enable them to understand that they like certain situations while in others they’ll discover this isn’t an appropriate domain for them. Best of all, it won’t take much time before they make sense of.

Outdoor learning encourages the subject to be instructed in an all the more intriguing path, by changing the normal place of learning. It is stunning how a basic change like this can enable understudies to find some new energy and fortify enthusiasm for understudies.

Open air adapting, particularly visits, and hands-on work, can give constructive outcomes on memory in light of the remarkable new instructive setting. Productive hands-on work and open air experience can bring about individual development and social abilities change.

Contingent upon where this kind of instruction is performed, understudies can likewise encounter the change of their physical, profound and emotional wellness. Outdoor adapting regularly happens in totally normal settings and this sort of progress greatly affects any classification of understudies.

Other than the widened skylines, understudies can likewise expect extraordinary delight, improvement of individual characteristics abilities, helped fearlessness and confidence and expanded motivation.

Open air learning is a great chance to upgrade the learning procedure. The rundown of advantages of this particular sort of learning is long, so it’s nothing unexpected why this method of learning is winding up so prevalent.

“Give your strolls now a chance to be somewhat braver.”


4 Reasons Why The Protests Against SSC Are Vital

The SSC protest has been continuing for over five days now. The agitated students have demanded a CBI investigation to investigate the case. The purpose behind this protest against SSC is the People are suspicious of the fact that some papers for the SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier II Examination had been leaked and mass cheating had taken place. SSC which conducted the CGL examination from 17 to 21 February this year had to cancel the second shift on 17th, after malpractices were reported at an exam center in New Delhi.

Protest Against SSC


Over the days hundreds of students are protesting against the scam outside CGO Complex, Delhi. On 28th Feb, they had taken permission from the police to carry out a march till the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Some reports have stated that a student was arrested near CGO complex. Under the Section 144 (unlawful assembly) of CrPC , which had been imposed, GTB Nagar, JLN and Delhi University metro stations were shut down.

Reason 1 – Paper Leak

The shifts that were held before August 15 2017  for the Tier I exam were comparatively difficult  for  which the students had approached the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)  that further led to the delay of Tier II exam. The SSC had announced its cutoff as 131 but suddenly changed it to 126.5 citing is as a “technical glitch” and confirmed the date of the exam just one day prior to its actual date. On Feb 21, a Facebook page that exposes SSC scams had revealed that the mathematics question paper had leaked with some of its answers. It urged that it had received the answer keys from students itself following which the exam got delayed by two hours. The page had also cited that some students had taken test from remote locations.


Reason 2 – Vacant Posts but No Vacancies

Children have seen so many struggles in their lives that a sense of security which a government job provides tends to overpower all incentives. Prestige, recognition and an ultra level of security enforce them to strive hard and achieve these posts by their sheer hard work and dedication. Our Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley  in Union Budget this year had promised us 70 lakhs jobs this year. But it is really hard to say that in this negative environment of foul play, red tape and nepotism can our government fulfill its promises? Can it really appease the frustrated students? Will parents now give great examples of their forefathers who strived hard in those days for these jobs to their children?

Reason 3 – Time Bound Selection Process

SSC can be considered as the laziest recruitment body in India where you can find lots of delays during the recruitment and selection process. It reveals the results very late, once results declared, more delay in further process can be noticed and once the candidate is selected, more delay can be noticed in assigning the posts to the qualified candidates. SSC takes long time in revealing the results and after results declaration, it takes so much time in assigning the posts to the qualified candidates.

Reason 4 – For Your Children’s Future

As a responsible citizen of this country, it is our duty to support all the legally acceptable and rightful protests where the future of the nation is involved. It is simply unexplained when years of hard work, dedicated efforts and sleepless nights are shattered by these turmoils. We hope that SSC comes up with measures to pacify their demands and conducts its exams in a fair manner henceforth.

Final Words

Being a supportive domain, Our duty is to spread awareness, talk about the good things as well as faults, give suggestions and question to clear our doubts (and so we’re doing). Since we’ve no evidence, so we want people to think on their own and then take further steps. We will request the protesters to not follow any illegal actions. Protest in the rightful and legal manner.

Benefits of Having a Mentor – Elevate Women’s Professional Wits

Irrespective of the gender, we all know how important is it to have a mentor beside you, especially in the times of need. Because gender equality has been empowered from only a few decades, women often face new challenges that leave them baffled. Be it in the field of education, job, business or any aspect of life, a mentor is always needed for guidance. Though it is difficult to find the perfect mentor, but if found, there could be no blessing above that.

How can a mentor help you?

A mentor is a much needed guidance to take and level up the professional game or career we wish to have. With time, the world has come to understand that mentor is a need for all the women. As women are approaching and upgrading their designation and value in all terms, they too need a practical and defined guidance and suggestions often times.

Let’s learn some benefits of having a mentor!


  1. Clear and defined vision: A mentor is an individual who helps a woman to realize her state of problems and extend a clear vision in them about it. Since the mentor are supposed to be an experienced individual in the same field, their knowledge can help the emerging women entrepreneurs, students, professionals to bring better and efficient solutions on the table than their competitors or counterparts.
  2. Gain back confidence and self-esteem: Women often face discrimination at work place or other place of operations, and this may lead to a downgraded self confidence and trust in their talents. A mentor can here help women to gain back their belief in their capabilities, which can in turn not only increase the productivity but the increased outcome will also land them in better places in future.
  3. Enhanced networks: Mentoring is a great way to widen quality network links whether at work or your educational place. A mentor in your field can open doors and in still skills in you which may help a woman to meet, scan, analyze and keep up the valuable links with people they come across. Since networking is a great way to build and maintain professional and cordial relations, mentors can literally bring the potential women to rise like a rocket in real terms through efficiency.

Though mentors are needed by both men and women, mentoring for women on the educational or corporate front have been observed to be a game changer in today’s time.

Preparation Tips For Exams: Do Not Run From the Exams, Let the Marks Run Behind You

The season of examination is coming near where all the academic structure is going to change. It’s a time to prepare for the examination with an aim to earn good marks for a bright career. However a good mark doesn’t decide your future but with good marks you can gain some confidence to break different challenges you’re going to face in future. Without wasting your precious time and discussing more about the basics, let discuss about the core point for which you’re here – how to prepare for the exams?

Here we’ll give some universal tips which will be applicable for all level of examination in a student’s academic career. We understand there is a bit difference between the preparation of school based education exams (10th and 12th), admission tests (CAT, MAT, XAT) higher education exams (Undergraduate and Post-Graduate), competitive exams (UPSC, SSC) but there are some common things which gives an exceptional positive results at last. We’ll cover those things below –

How to prepare for the exams?


Schedule Your Studies

Exam time is near and you should not think about either to open your textbook or not, you’ve to open your textbook and start studying from now otherwise it will be too late to manage. Just make a time table and schedule your studies accordingly. Do not think so much about the exams; just think you’ve to complete all your subjects one month before the exams so that you will have enough time to revise what you’ve read properly.

In this step, you’ve to make a plan where all subjects will be covered and you can give more time to the tough subjects where you think you are weak.

Take Help

Your aim should not be earning good marks but understand the concept too because with an aim of earning good marks, you can perform bad in the exams but with an aim to understand the subject matter you will definitely earn good marks in the examination.

Now we you know there is nothing bad in taking help or asking your queries to your sources. Take help from anywhere you think you will understand well. Yes, browse the Internet for alternate knowledge and reference notes, reach your teachers, ask your friends and colleagues, join coaching classes and do everything which can bring knowledge to you but doesn’t mean you put yourself into the well of confusion. Only do this thing in case you’re not getting enough knowledge to understand the concept.

Organize Your Study Material

The most common mistakes usually students do is starting studying form random material which ends with lots of confusion. It is nothing just waste of the time and sources you have. First organize your study material including notes, textbooks and reference books and start studying.

 Prefer Notes

You should prefer notes more than general textbooks as notes helps you to understand the subject material faster than the textbooks. Also, it helps you to learn things nicely and for long time.

Do Not Rush

Do not rush and do not study just for formality. Do not compare with your friend that he read more than you or you are far behind from him in the matter of complete notes. This is study not a competition where you need to compete with your friend. By doing this, you may skip the important chapter where you’re weak.

Focus On Your Weak Part

We would not recommend you to skip that part where you’re weak. This is not a good idea because sometimes because of nervousness you even forget how to deal with the question where you have been mastering but try to give more focus on your weak part so that you can cover the whole question paper perform well in the examination.

Stay Balanced

Confidence is a good thing but don’t be over-confidence because sometimes this puts you down and ruin you. Stay confidence but don’t let your confidence to cross its limits. Also, give equal time to your food, family, meditation even sports with studies but it refresh you and reduce the risk of depression and stress.

Consider Old Exam Papers

Old exam papers give you an idea or demo or glimpse of the question paper you’re going to face in examination. Consider old exam papers, try to solve it and know how much capable you are to face the exams. But don’t be stressed if you’re “blank” while solving the paper. This is just an old question paper; you’re not actually appearing in the exam that time.

Create Strategy

Every student has his/her own strategy to crack the exam so better we should not tell anything to you here to make you confused but we can assist you by telling where do you need to make strategy?

First think how much time you will give to a particular question so that all questions can be covered into the given period of time. Also think how you will face the question paper and how you will write.

Revision Is Must

At the end of the study, the only thing remains with you to do revision. Just revise whatever you’ve learnt. Make a short chit containing short notes with bullet points. Read them and revise them.

 Final Note

Nervousness is the major reasons behind forgetting everything you’ve learnt so do not let this emotion to bury you. Just be confident whatever you’ve learnt and enter the examination with a motive that you’ll come out back with a smile on your face.

Best of Luck!!

CAT Results 2017: IIM Lucknow Declared Exam Results

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow finally declared the CAT results 2017 of on January 08. Appeared aspirants need to visit the official website www.iimcat.ac.in to get the score card updated by examination authority.

CAT was taken by IIM Lucknow to allow qualified candidates to get admission in post graduate courses in 20 IIMs in India. Huge number of students has appeared in the exam and was waiting for the CAT 2017 results eagerly. But there wait is over now as IIM Lucknow disclosed the examination results.


Appeared candidates’ needs to follow these simple steps to download the CAT 2017 score card –

  1. Visit official website iimcat.ac.in
  2. Click CAT 2017 score card link
  3. Enter login id and password details
  4. Click submit button
  5. Download the score card.

We wish good luck to all the students accessing CAT 2017 result and best wishes for bright future.

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