Teenager Life – How To Helve Teens And Hatch Them Into Better Individuals

When a couple welcomes a new born into the family, it unleashes rampant joy and plentiful happiness in everyone’s life. So, if they want to enjoy the infancy and naive phase of their kiddo, they should be mentally prepared to handle him/her as a teenager life. Adolescence is nothing but a phase of life which should be cautiously blended-as said by some people. Some people are in a dilemma as to how they would handle their child when he steps into teenage, which is absolutely not an issue. Instead, parents should feel happy that their child has finally begun to enter the realms of life. He has become a bit matured, provided his maturity now needs some direction and not discretion.  By discretion, we mean that things should not be forced on them any longer, they should be guided along and things would automatically fall in place.

Teenager Life – How To Helve Teens And Hatch Them Into Better Individuals



Here are some steps where you can actually guide your child in his new phase of life. Try avoiding problems, as it is better than the cure.

  1. Be a trustworthy person, a close friend and guide

If you find your child spending too much time infront of the mirror or with the phone, do not thrash them or snatch away their assets since it may have a negative impact. Your child has no idea of what he is up to, his growth hormones have seized the power of distinguishing between evil and good. Thus, all he needs is a bit of care and understanding, soothing words and a pat on his back. He will share all his secrets with you and you don’t also need to keep an eye on him.

  1. Leave them free, let them live their own dreams

This is the phase of life where teenagers want to have all the fun and push their responsibilities and studies aside. Till a certain time, don’t freak at them, let them enjoy their moments. Afterwards, show him a direction and assign him tasks. He will surely try to win your confidence back to procure the “good kid” title. Do not restrict him, instead make them responsible. Let them be accountable and answerable to themselves. Never try to impose your dreams on them, take their opinion and count it. If not proper, gradually give examples and try changing their mindset.

  1. Don’t react when they answer back

Yes, it may sound weird but this is the best answer to bring him back on track. They might not be needing your advice more often, might return late from parties and make sullen faces if you interrogate. The best thing that you can do is instead, leave them on their own and slowly talk things out by setting examples. Show him the correct path, let him decide for himself. Don’t force your opinions just stand out and supervise. Don’t lose your calm on them as they might revolt back which would lead to undesirable consequences. If they see you patient , they also will feel for themselves and blossom into a bright future thereafter. So, don’t go head over heels after them, just  sit back and wait!


Best Grow Tents – Everything You Need To Know About Grow Tents!

Grow tents is the happy word for horticultural hobbyists. Why? Simply because, the outdoors now can be moved indoors with fewer hassles.

I believe the critical thing for the success of a best grow tent garden is obviously choosing the right grow tent. This will help avoid potential pitfalls and failures. There are a couple of factors one must consider while looking for a grow tent. These factors will affect the growth of your plants and its progress. I will be using these factors to evaluate the best grow tents. The three key factors are:

  1.   Conceal the sight and smell of your grow
  2.   Made of high-quality durable material that prevents pests and any outside contaminants from getting in
  3.   The light inside should be reflected to increase their intensity without having to use extra electricity.

Best Grow Tents –

The right grow tent can make or break your garden. So, it goes without saying that choosing the right one is critical. Here are the 5 best grow tents of 2018

iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent

iPower has been supplying grow light systems for over a decade. The iPower tents make indoor gardening easy by letting you control the climate and lighting making it easy to grow all types of plants easily.

The iPower grow tent comes in different sizes and is packed with features. Each size comes with a removable floor tray for indoor seedling plant growth. What works for us mainly is the interior layer of highly reflective lining for maximized light and heat control. The lining is reinforced with durable zippers checking our main factors to consider while purchasing a grow tent. This tent is ideal for growing everything from exotic fruits to herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Overall, this tent does the job it is meant for. Growing plants indoors with ease. It lets you adjust too many plant types and strains easily.


  •         Tear-proof thick tent material
  •         Sturdy Frame


  •         Handy for adjusting grow bar lights over plants
  •         Multiple intake/exhaust ports to accommodate ductwork fans, filters and electric appliances
  •         The highly reflective surface returns 92-97% of the light back to the plants making this a cost-effective purchase
  •         Easy to assemble


  •         Space consuming
  •         Frame is not very sturdy and unable to hold the weight it promise



CoolGrows 2x2x4 Feet Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

This grow tent is ideal for beginners looking to set up an indoor garden. I love the attention to detail in the product design that makes it easy for a novice. Easy to assemble, it doesn’t command too much space and is reasonably priced. The viewing window at the front makes it easy to keep an eye on the plants without opening the entire tent.

The CoolGrows has one of the thickest materials one can find in grow tents. The premium materials used coupled with flaps covering the zippers, all precautions to prevent light leakage have been thought of.  You also get a removable and water-resistant Mylar spill tray, which makes the cleaning a breeze. I found this user-friendly grow tent does everything one could expect from a value for money grow tent.


  •         Light Proof
  •         Thick Canvas
  •         Odor proof
  •         Easy assembly
  •         Observation window


  •         Value for Money
  •         Great customer service. Fast response time and extremely helpful


  •         Assembly instructions could be improved


Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent

The goal of Apollo has been to provide the latest hydroponic equipment at reasonable prices. The belief that better quality and larger grows don’t necessarily need to have a high price tag is what helps them bring their customers consistent quality and fantastic customer service. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? The extremely competitive price of the Apollo grow tent and the myriad of features make this a worthy consideration for anyone looking to purchase a grow tent.

This tent checks all our three boxes in terms of durability, efficiency and protection. The metal frame poles along with the thick fabric keep the tent stable and unwanted elements away. Metal zippers slide open easily when required. 100% light proof Mylar film that is tear proof, reflects 92-97% of the light making it a highly popular choice.


  •         Efficient
  •         Affordable
  •         Gives easy results


  •         Well-built metal frame
  •         Plenty of ports for cords/vents that can be sealed when not in use


  •         The zipper can be a bit problematic. It needs to be handled carefully.

Vivosun Grow Tent

If attention to detail is your anthem, then this is the grow tent for you. At an eye-popping price, this grow tent ticks all our boxes of durability, affordability and quality. An extra thick canvas of 600D, its double stitched and tear resistant to ensure light doesn’t seep through.  A strong metal frame lends the tent a solid stance. The tent focuses on smooth installation. All the features interlock together perfectly to give you a grow tent that focuses on the growth of your plants. The zipper slides easily making it convenient to slip in and out.


  •         Light Proof
  •         Extra thick canvas
  •         Attention to detail
  •         Easy observation
  •         Easy to install


  •         Well written instructions and numbered poles make installation easy and safe.
  •         High quality zippers
  •         Great customer service


  •         Poor quality of stitching



Light proof tents, that are available in a variety of sizes with the option of choosing an observation or not. The Oshion grow tent is non-toxic, thereby not emitting harmful gases off the materials to the plants. The tent is well constructed, easily to assemble, sturdy and available at an amazing price. The tent doesn’t get too hot inside which is a plus for us. The vents at the bottom have Velcro to hold it open and the top has pull strings. The thick canvas and a 99% reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency lighting setup of any power configuration. The removable & water resistant mylar spill tray makes it easy to clean up.


  •         Light Proof
  •         Observation Window Option
  •         Durability
  •         Easy Clean up


  •         Sturdy
  •         Easy assembly
  •         Value for Money


  •         Poor quality zippers
  •         Access ports are only on one side making it difficult if one has short cords

Why does one need a grow tent?

I realize that the grow tent is an ingenious solution that helps you grow your plants in a controlled environment. You can grow some fantastic ingredients for your kitchen that have never been touched by pests or pesticides. It helps you utilize unused space and have your own garden all year round. There are many reasons one should opt for a grow tent. The most important reasons are:

  1.   Year-round garden – You can grow what you want, when you want.
  2.   Effective utilization of space
  3.   Grow tents are energy efficient
  4.   Pest free environment
  5.   Circulates clean air
  6.   Right amount of lighting
  7.   Easy to assemble and set up
  8.   Portable and reusable

What to consider while purchasing a grow tent?


Grow tents come in various sizes and layouts. I can say depending on the type and number of plants one plans on growing, a grow tent of appropriate size can be chosen. A larger grow tent obviously offers more space making it easy to maneuver. Smaller grow tents are easier to manage.


Most grow tents come in standard height. Some have the option of adjusting the height. This is important when the plants grow and change. The adjustable tents have extension poles that can be adjusted as growing conditions change. I must say the grow tent height you choose will be able to accommodate not only the plants at full maturity but also the other growing accessories that will be used.


A grow tent must be able to withstand the outdoor elements and keep the pests out. The quality of materials used is important to achieve this.

If you are overwhelmed with the numerous features a grow tent offers, consider the basics – zippers, frame and reflective material. This should give you an idea of the kind of grow tent you should purchase.


Grow tents are essential for an indoor grower. But it is hard to pick the best one as everyone’s needs are varied. However, a grow tent must meet the basic requirements listed earlier in my checklist. Keeping that in mind, my clear winner is the Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent. It is tried and tested and gets the job done well. They Apollo grow tent is the perfect balance between quality and price.

Did you find this article useful? I certainly hope it helped you understand grow tents a little better and move towards buying what is best suited for your needs. Please do share your experiences and grow tent stories with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear your plant raising tales.


Checkout Some Ways To Avoid Cyber Crimes In Online Chatting

Nowadays, for every small thing what we want to achieve, we take the help of internet, be it for gaming networks, be it to order food, be it any cashless transaction or even sending messages. So when this messaging concept comes into the picture, there are some net etiquette to be followed. We always have to keep in mind that enjoyment is short-lived, what follows us is our own character. There is a popular saying that-“prevention is better than cure”-So we should always try to shade ourselves from any upcoming threats which might lead to serious consequences in the  later part of our life which cannot be reverted back .

Things to be taken care of while chatting online:

  1. People usually become wayward when they communicate with the opposite gender. They get carried away by their emotions, they feel like sharing their entire bio-data and what not including phone number, residential address, etc. This is where a pause is required. Instead, they can discuss more on the common hobbies, fun elements and interests.
  2. One should always respect the other person’s emotions and stands. They should know what to talk and especially since it is a public forefront, they should also know how to talk! And one should take utmost care when it comes to playing pranks and jokes. The other person might not know the depth of your joke, it might also feel like a taunt. So, its better to hold your tongue.
  3. If a person is using slangs or abusive words, there will always be a “Report” or a “Block” option in every messaging app. Read the instructions carefully before implementing and make sure you better report the matter to the security team or erase that contact forever from your list.
  4. It is not unusual for people to ask for personal images. Never ever give up on this. Don’t share your personal images or pictures with any stranger online.
  5. Always verify the background data of the strangers before accepting any friend requests. Cross check two to three times if you find anything fishy. If you feel, there is some probability of hidden information behind the curtains, it is better to decline the request.
  6. Always be careful of your “Who all can see?” before posting anything or commenting on anyone’s posts. You can improve the privacy of your shared content by making best use of the privacy settings of that app and always try to keep yourself hidden as much as possible. Share only relevant information not updated ones.

The world of Internet is a boon as well as a bane for some. It solely depends on us how we make use of things which are provided to us. Like as in this case, if we use it wisely, we gain good friends who can be trusted upon at a later phase of life. But if we give up on everyone, we might lose our own dignity down the lane. If you follow these net etiquette for your safety, no one can touch you.

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