Thrive Architect Plugin: Build A Page That Reflects Relevancy And Is Great For Business

Presence on the cloud space has become mandatory for everyone individual and entity now-a-days, and the easiest way to have an evident and valuable one is through a website or web page. Now how does one own or create a web or landing page without any technical knowledge? Though the only way to have a web/landing page needed a professional web designer or developer earlier, the game has eased. With Thrive Architect plugin in the market, you can now create a web page within minutes.

What is Thrive Architect Plugin?

Thrive Architect is a plugin for visual page builder for WordPress. It is a tool that helps to in creation of attractive landing and sales pages. It not only takes care of the visual treat, as focused on by the users, but also saves precious time to build the page as quickly as possible, which one could have otherwise wasted in twiddling around the short codes, HTML etc. The plug-in is extremely user friendly.

It is an efficient word press plug-in that homes exceptional features that enhance the look and functionality of a website or web page. It can rightly be said that it is the best way to make the web pages or blogs look more professional and genuine. As word press is a blogging platform, the pages and blogs created on them have a casual look to them which are not able to generate optimum or converted level of business.

Thrive Architect lends the web pages a more business centric look. It is an easy to work with visual page builder for both, novices and professionals. This plug-in is great and featureful. Creating a web page or landing page or a blog used to be an exhaustive and time-consuming process, but with this wonderful plug-in, the task has come down to wondrous and swiftly paced minutes.


Another reason why this plug is much needed is because relevant content and eye-pleasing web pages are the two requisites for any successful website. This cannot be denied that monotonous or lengthy reading stuff can only become interesting if related images or pictures are added to it . And as Thrive Architect makes it simpler for the user to conventionalize articles or pages with all style related elements, it justifies its rising demand.

What all pages can a Thrive Architect Plug-In help you with?

Thrive Architect Plugin helps the users and bloggers to create different kinds of pages as follows:

– The plug-in perfect to create a Homepage using one of the professionally looking templates available on the plug-in. The plug-in gives the user an option of adding various elements like icons, buttons etc to give the page a personalized look according to the theme and features extended.

– Thrive Architect is also a great tool for building a landing page which comes with a built-in feature for lead generation. This is not only helpful for the user in trapping the potential customers but also extends a great chance to the user to have and maintain a useful database.

Once the user is done with creation of homepage or landing page, he/she is given an option to format the blogs. This again falls in the category of personalizing and editing as per choice to give the page or blog an appropriately reflective look.

There is much more that you can do with the Thrive Architect for example, you can create webinar pages, sales pages, product launch and event pages, etc. Thrive Architect is the ultimate tool and product for just everyone who wants to take the internet by storm with relevant and valuable content.

Edit with Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is not only a new page builder but also lets you edit existing pages with the Thrive Edit. For doing so, select ‘Edit with thrive Architect’ and browse the page or blog you want to create or edit. Once you submit that, a window will pop up. You will be asked about the header and the title you want to have on the page or blog. Along with the pop up there will be a lit of options appearing on the left side; from where you can drag and drop the elements you wish to add and have on the page.

Now let’s now learn how to create a page with the Thrive Architect plug-in!

Thrive Architect gives a user two options for the creation of the web or landing pages. A user can either choose a template that is already uploaded on the plug-in to start with or the user can choose to start from the scratch if they wish to have a totally personalized look.

How exactly to create a web page with a blank page? Let’s get started!

1: Add a full screen background to your page: Now, not all the visual editors and page builders come with an option to have a full screen background but with Thrive Architect you can do that. You should ideally add an image in the background and then if you wish, you can add a transparent or solid filter over it to subtle it down. The customization totally depends on the choice of the user. You can add and put as many filters and effects as you want to your background.

Note: Another amazing thing that you can do on the page is to suit yourself with the sections. Thrive Architect gives the user an option to split the content and visual into two parts. This lets a user to have a combination of any two things they wish to display on the page from text, image, video etc.

2: Content Box Placement: Once the user is through with the background setting, the content boxes and sections need to be placed. The content box is a great section partition that can be either placed with a solid white background or you can have it with the screen backdrop as the background. You can also add an icon in the content box is needed.

The user also has an option to drag and change the box placement even after having added text. With thrive Architect, the future is made easy as one can save the edited content box settings, customization and changes as a template if they wish to use the same in future for other pages or blogs.

3: Adding footer or testimonials: After having the content placed and the body and conclusion done, what adds to the

However, if you wish to work with a template, you will find about a hundred options to work with. You will also be extended the option to edit it if you wish. Once selected and through with making the choice of which template you want to work with, you can customize as follows. Testimonials are a testament to the quality of business and services being offered and so, Thrive Architect plug-in has a pro option of adding that.

There are two templates of the testimonial available on this plug-in. One has two columns with an area for image and another for text with 3 boxes. While the other option has a plain box for you to simply enter the information. You can also add a quote icon which can be added using the elements and option of Advanced on the pop up that edits the testimonial position.

Now the basic purpose of the landing page or blog is to generate leads. Thrive Architect has two kinds of in-built lead generation. There is a sidebar on the page that you create which gives you an option of dragging and adding a lead generation option. The sidebar also gives the user an option of setting the blank input boxes vertically or horizontally, however feasible.

Another way of installing a lead generation in your blog or landing page is through Thrive Lightbox. This step 2 built in gives the user an option of choosing and highlighting an option through the Animation & Action element on the sidebar.

4: Integration with API connection: Once you are done with the creation of the background, content, testimonial and adding lead generation functionality, it is important to integrate it with the email. When a user comes to your landing page or blog and they put in the information in your input boxes, it is important for the owner to be notified and receive it ion mail as a record for successful database creation.

5: Thrive Architect’s notification manager is a great feature for the user to stay updated whenever there is any movement or interaction made on the page. The email configuration is easy and comfortable to do with the Thrive Architect with the API feature. The API feature of Thrive Architect makes it really easy for the user to connect the page to the email for database delivery, reCaptcha, email delivery and marketing etc.

What if one wants to create a page with the in-built page template? Thrive Architect has over 100 styles of page templates to choose from. Once you select a particular style you wish to work with, the content cursor will appear in the boxes. Here, you can add text as you want. As you put in text, there will be a bar on the top of the page for you to select which section to edit i.e. heading, background section or landing page. Suppose you choose the heading, a list of editable options will be listed on the left like text options, layout and position, background style, borders and corners, animation and action, responsive, shadows, style & template etc.

In all, this amazing plug-in an absolutely easy to use plug in. It is a great tool for customizing and creating landing pages for a business purpose with the basic and no technical knowledge. The plug-in actually is a saviour for beginners as they don’t have to spend much hiring a professional to build their page.

Apart from the editing features, the mobile responsive features of the plug-in makes it an ultimate favourite since it helps the user to stay updated even on the go. Now, that you know what exactly and how to do once logged in, you can get started right away!



Robotic Process Automation for Banking Makes Industry Easy

The online platform for banking is quite popular, but the Robotic process automation for banking is not that much heard from the employers. If you are an employer then the Robotic process automation can help you out in many things for your employees. It can assist your employees to configure their computer software’s to interpret various existing applications.

Where there are  several software like employee time sheet to calculate working hours, RPA has its own functionality.


Robotic Process Automation for Banking

The robotic process automation for banking software, can serve as a boon for the large-scale industries and get on core banking as well. These software’s help in making the transaction process more feasible for the people and boost their capabilities and save their time and money.

The solutions can be many, but you need to identify the one that will fulfill your requirements so that you do not receive something that you do not want to. The traditional IT deployments is one of the challenges that makes the changes or transformation in the existing systems which is quite risky and complex at the same time.

As most of the big organizations are found to reluctant to replace, redesign or at times to embrace the new IT interfaces. But the main philosophy behind the RPA is to make the changes in conventional system and provide a smooth interface to the users.

The RPA for banking sector, has lots of benefits and have been used by many in their quest to reach the level that they have wanted. With Robotic Process Automation for banking, the banking official does not require dealing with lots of software’s in a go, rather it provides them a single platform or robots to do their work effectively.

RPA helps so many industries like capital markets, banking sector, and insurance. Let’s see their scope of work in the banking sector:

  1. In the validation of the audit support and generating reports of them.
  2. VAT reporting’s.
  3. Reconciliation of account by moving and duplicating the data.
  4. In the extraction of e-forms, in this, they take the data out of the forms and make the entry into the systems.
  5. In taking the approval of the mortgage, which involves moving data from place to place and making the calculations accordingly.
  6. It helps the system to generate the reports.

These features are just for the banking, if we go in another sector as well, they have specialized functions to perform over. The list hasn’t stopped here, the update is going on to track and minimize the human intervention and the risk.

Do make your list of your wishes you have and try out Robotics process automation, and look forward for, what’s the best quote they can offer, make a comparison and then look for the one that can best optimize the services. The RPA doesn’t just specialize in the services, but also delivers well as, well, so if you are looking for the result based solution, then it will suit you well, without any doubts too.

The RPA handles the issues that are crucial for the banking industry and requires a quick analysis, so if you want your work to be done in less than half the time you are investing today then do have the access and integration for the same.

Useful tips for smartphone users – How to use it optimally?

If you are tech freak and love buying smart phones, then you must be always looking for hidden reviews, tips and tricks on how to make better and more use of your expensive smart phones.

Every phone is coded for smart and efficient functioning, which can be further improved once you know the tips and hacks. These tips and tricks opens way to to a better user interface of these smartphones.

Useful tips for smartphone users: How to use it optimally?

Lets learn some of the brilliant ideas and Useful tips for smartphone users.


– Do not use your brilliant smart phones while charging it since the concept of simultaneous use of it reduces the battery life as well as health in the long run.

– Make sure you use your smart phone with low power mode so that you cannot only save battery but also improve the longevity of the battery.

– Cease your phone from buzzing at each secondary notification to save battery drastically with the pull and fetch function as and when possible.

– Since the in-built OS of our phones is burdened with applications and heavy files, releasing and clearing some of the unwanted data may be helpful.  This also keeps phone updated and lets it function better. You can also follow some steps to free up android space to increase internal storage.

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– One of the best Useful tips for smartphone users is to make sure you make good and regular use of the ‘Remind me Later’ feature of the smart phones of today, since it is a great way to not miss on anything important.

– Now-a-days, phones are improving their cameras evidently. Make sure you learn how to use the front and back cameras with each feature such as zoom and focus etc that come with it. The face recognition and blink clicks are also newly dominating features that must be used for better and difficult to capture images.

– You can now also use the camera of your smart phones to scan and save important documents without having to carry the hard copy. There are many different apps to merge with as well.

– The in-built filters of the smart phones like Vivid, Bright, B&W etc are also great to edit and improve the look of the images. The cameras these days are of the quality as same as the DSLR which makes them a better choice. In fact the applications that can be used to improve the pictures are also worth downloads and usage.

– No matter the megapixel of the cameras, using the camera lens as an attachment to the phone is a perfect choice for a photography lover.

– Using smart phones cameras are also great while on the go to translate messages, capture names of important things to find their availability etc.


– Use the great and advanced in-built cloud sharing services that come with your smart phones for sharing files with people around you instantly. Rather than the cliched blue-tooth or messaging options.

– One can also capture spectacular 360 degree scenery with the panorama mode that comes with most smart phones these days.

– You can also stay entertained with usage of offline applications that work on airplane or no data mode as well which is a useful tips for smartphone users.

– Many smart phones offer an extended feature of SOS calling on emergency numbers even when the phones are switched off, which is a great boon in difficult times.

With these and many other applications, one can drastically improve their usage of smart phone with increased battery life and better camera usage anywhere. Enjoy Smart usage of your smart phones!

Christmas Party Apps: 5 Best Party Planning Apps for Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, all our hearts are racing towards the idea of doing something new this year for Christmas. If you are hosting a Christmas party, it is enduring to take this large undertaking as it’s not easy to match the expectations of your lovely guests. Well, there are some best party planning apps to benefit your Christmas party planning and also if you’re going to present Christmas gifts then click on this link for best tech gift ideas.

Here are some of the apps that can help you and manage the hassle you may be dreading.

Best Party Planning Apps For Christmas

Here you go..

Guest List/invite Management

It is tedious to scroll through your contact list and write the names on a piece of paper. Don’t get carried away with those handcrafted ideas from Pinterest. Just use Evite app. It will sink all the contacts from your address book and will design an attractive Einvite for all Christmas party guests. You can keep track on all the RSVPs. It sets reminders for the guests you want to follow up with regarding RSVP.


Christmas Party Music- Set the festive mood

Right music keeps the party rolling. There are various apps for party music but this one is stunning. Let’s just move it with this “Christmas Music”app. This Android App has all the popular carols and songs. In addition, there are also some great list of smartphones for music lovers you must buy.

Yum Yum Christmas

We want our guests drooling on the food section .It’s essential to flare some recipes with Christmas. Guests are intrigued by the idea of edible Christmas tree. What you need is “Christmas Recipe” android app. It’s perfect for great Christmas dining as well as party recipes. You want to keep it simple,when it comes to food don’t overdo by preparing 8 different types of dips. Use this app,it will give you one delicious recipe which can become the talk of the night.


Again, don’t scroll the cute images of traditional Christmas decoration on Pinterest. Decorate only the amount you are willing to pull it down later. You should have exquisite Christmas tree and some mistletoe, tinsel or snow man here and there.

For cheap and easy ideas of decoration, you can take help of “DIY Decoration” app it has all kinds of decoration ideas which may not cost you much.

You can find great decoration ideas from here and decorate your house or the party venue accordingly. This app is one of the best Christmas party planning apps for you, if you’re confused how to decorate the venue for the stunning Christmas party.

Play Ellen

The Ellen show….We all are fans of her games. Hence, switch to an app which engages maximum guests. So App like  “Phrase party will keep it going when the party starts getting lighter. Your guests will remain busy and have fun guessing the words on screen before time runs out.  Or you can actually play heads up. Download android app “Heads up the rules are simple, you’ll have to guess the word on the card by “tracking” your friend’s clues before the timer stops! It can be played with hundred at a time.

Our ambition here is to help you enjoy your own Christmas party, all these apps will make you sit with your friends and celebrate.

Windscribe VPN Review: How does it work and installation process

Looking to know about windscribe VPN reviews? Well, let’s clear some basics first. A virtual private system (VPN) expounds a private system over an open system, and empowers clients send and get information crosswise over shared or open systems as though their registering gadgets were specifically associated with the private system. Applications running over the VPN may in this way take advantage of the usefulness, security, and administration of the private network.


VPNs may enable workers to safely get to a corporate intranet while situated outside the workplace. They are utilized to safely interface topographically isolated workplaces of an association, making one durable system. Singular Internet clients may secure their remote exchanges with a VPN, to go around Geo-confinements and control, or to interface with intermediary servers to protect individual personality and area. Be that as it may, some Internet locales secure access to known VPN innovation to keep the circumvention of their go-limitations.

A VPN is made by setting up a virtual point-to-point association using committed associations, virtual burrowing conventions, or movement encryption. A VPN accessible from the general society Internet can give a portion of the advantages of a wide area network (WAN). From a client viewpoint, the assets accessible inside the private system can be gotten to remotely.

Windscribe VPN Review

Conventional VPNs are described by a point-to-point topology, and they don’t tend to help our associate, communicate spaces, so administrations, for example, Microsoft Windows NetBIOS may not be completely upheld or act as they would on a local area network (LAN). Architects have created VPN variations, for example, Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), and layer-2 burrowing conventions, to beat this restriction.

How does Windscribe VPN work?

Clients interface with the web through an ISP, and after that start a VPN association with customer programming. VPN associations enable web clients to get to the web from a VPN server. Windscribe VPNs can be utilized on desktops, portable workstations, or cell phones.

A Windscribe VPN is a kind of association. It is a center layer that sits amongst you and your web content. Web content suppliers once in a while endeavors to limit your entrance to the whole web. Windscribe VPNs utilizes encryption to break these limitations, which enable you to get to blocked substance.

 How to install Windscribe VPN setup on your mobile

Windscribe VPN provides you step by step tutorial to set it up after you have installed it and opened the app. Then also, let me guide you through the procedure so  that you can understand the setup process in  a better way.

Step 1:

Download and Install Windscribe VPN (Android) in your Smartphone. When it is introduced, open the application and Windscribe VPN will ask you to login the application utilizing a username, password and email (Optional). In any case, in the event that you pick the “email” strategy, then a confirmation connection will be sent to your email deliver which you have to click with a specific end goal to login Windscribe VPN.

Step 2:

After you have logged in, you can see a big on/off power button in the middle of the screen and under that all the locations that you can choose like US central, US east, Canada East, Austria, Denmark etc. Some of these locations are free of cost but in order to choose other locations you have to upgrade it to a premium version. It costs Rs 590 monthly and Rs 3150 on a yearly basis., After you have upgraded it you can have the access to 53 different and new locations. Also, you will get 10GB data per day.

Step 3:

On the top left corner of the screen you find an option menu (three parallel lines) where you will be provided with a guide, upgrade option, My account, Preferences and sign out option.


Also remember that  you have to keep the location option on while you are using this application.

Winscribe helps you with Upgraded security. When you associate with the system, the information is kept secure and scrambled. Along these lines, the data are far from the hackers’ eyes. Also, you can change IP address with the help of this application. There might be chances that you require an IP address from another nation, at that point a VPN can give you this.

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