DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Comparison – Which One You Should Buy?

Dà-Jiāng Innovations is a Chinese technology company whose headquarters is in Shenzhen, Guangdong that provides manufacturing facilities throughout the region. The CEO of the company is Frank Wang.
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China.

CEO: Frank Wang

“Be inspired from a new perspective” is an inspiring line which is written on the firm’s website which has a deeper meaning and makes deep sense.

DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Comparison


Flight Time

Mavic Air`s flight time is basically around 6 minutes less as compared to Pro. Usually When it is  compared to Mavic Pro ,Pratima has an improved air time of  30 minutes. Those who are in need to  make it fly in the sky for  longer periods ,flight time may be seen as a major drawback.


What if you forget your sd card at home?don’t panic since in Mavic pro,the recording can be done in air without SD card .8 GB of internal memory is present in Mavic Air where you can save pictures and video directly to the Aircraft.

Video Transmission

Latest Ocu Sync technology is used in Mavic Pro .Full High definition real time video transmission can happen, i.e 1080p ,30fps .wifi video transmission is implemented by New mavic air which runs in our mobile by first sending video from drone to Rc and then to mobile.It allows to run video in HD.{720p,30fps}.

One of the most distinguished thing is Mavic air has no telemetry screen while pro has.Overall if we compare both Mavic Air and Mavic Pro, the remote controller of mavic pro is better than that of mavic air .
Obstacle Avoidance

Rear obstacle avoidance is present in mavic air model which enhances it’s safety while in the air.Sensing of obstacles up to 20-25 metres is possible .It’s all due to accurate forward and backward dual camera vision systems.

APAS is an acronym for  Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems ,helps Mavic air to cross obstacles in an  intelligent manner.

MAVIC AIR offers a new and unique way of controlling the aircraft that is by hand control. When we compare with mavic Pro it’s an added gesture and an advantageous point for Mavic Air .

Nowadays ,due to its two operating modes it has become social media friendly .

The two modes which it offers are :

(1) Boomerang : It is the mode of operation in which it circles around the subject by taking an oval shaped path just like of most of planets and finishing the video when it again comes to the starting point.

(2)Asteroid: It is the mode in which it starts with a spherical image which descends when subjected towards the ground.

Which one to get?

Now basically it depends on you now ,which to choose .If you want to buy smaller,lighter,faster and good looking asset, MAVIC AIR is the best option.The qualities which are searched in a dreamed drone will help you judge better.If your budget is low and you are thinking of buying a drone, Mavic Air is the Best for you. Hence I hope you have enjoyed the ride of DJI s drones at low cost having high functionalities.Many coupons are also there ,which are available on Shopping applications like Amazon ,Flipkart and etc. for a better purchase.


New Year Resolution Ideas To Bring More Sufficiency Into Your Life

Every New Year we take many new resolutions in our lives .So countdown has started to take or choose the best resolution.  Every year we choose resolution but we don’t follow it even for a month. Have you ever thought why does it happen? It’s just because we choose worst resolution every year. So it’s time to try some best New Year resolution ideas. There are many ideas for New Year resolution but your New Year resolution should be best easy and interesting so that you can follow it regularly.

Here is some best innovative New Year resolution for you all – 


Help self to become creative: 

Creating some interesting drawing or making flower or houses or anything you love to make can refresh your mind. This New Year resolution is perfect for you if you are bored with your daily work load. Colouring is the best way to refresh your mind. You will enjoy this resolution like a child.


Avoid alcohol: 

We all know that today our first priority is health and due to professional life we continuously take it. This New Year resolution be a healthy resolution if you avoid alcohol. In the beginning we all take it in smaller quantity but after spend of some time, little becomes bigger which damages our healthy liver. So this New Year avoiding alcohol is going to rock your life if you will follow it.




Prepare your own meal:

If you are going to choose your resolution for your healthy life then you can go with this resolution of New Year. It is a fact that those who prepare their own food for himself, will be totally fit and fine because those who prepare their own food will consume less food in comparison to those who take much more food and become unhealthy.

New Year resolution for student


To wake up early in the morning:

To wake up early in the morning is good for health too. Early to bed and early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise is truly said. For a student wake up earlier in morning is better for their study.  Be proper with your bed time and wake up time. If you wake up early in the morning, it will make your mind more sharp and intelligent.


Become good reader: 

In this New Year try to read all good books which can makes your mind more broad and sharp.  For a student, to know about different authors are good and think larger. You will become good volunteer among your groups because you may know about all authors and publishers. It will entertain you as well as enrich your hobby too


Use social media less:

For a student this resolution will be best as he will be saving time to study. Time saved can be utilize in studying or gathering new information. I am not saying to totally stop social media but use less. To be totally involved in social media can lead you to some mental health too. Just make a limit of your time to use social media.


Cut your pocket money to save it:


For every student pocket money play very important role in their life.  This is the money from which they fulfil their little dreams. So for students this New Year resolution is going to save their money too. From your little saving, from your little pocket money, you can make large contribution for anything, so now onward start saving your little pocket money.


New Year resolution meme:

We all know that every year, many people take resolution either to quit smoking or drinking alcohol or some bigger resolution too. Some achieve were as some does not. We should make only that goal, which is in our territory which is possible to achieve without becoming a meme, only to be laughed at. Speaking in vain does yield any fruit. So be wise enough to yourself, because you know your calibre. Do not speak or act in an awkward way. Your act can make meme.


So enjoy your new year with lots of care, happiness and take a new but highly reliable initiative and try your best to reach the level. Always remember taking New Year resolution means you have to do and try your best because your initiative will be reliable only when you attempt your best.

Celebrities Holiday Pics: Disha, Tiger and Varun Flaunting Sexy Body

At the end of the 31st all celebrities are coming back to pavilion after enjoying holidays with their friends, family and girlfriend/boyfriend.

Bollywood Celebrities Flaunting Sexy Body During Holidays

But celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Disha Patani, Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline gave us a sexy feeling by flaunting their dazzling body in holiday pictures.

Have you seen their latest instagram pictures where they posted a mind-blowing and perfectly built sexy body? We’re sure you will get an encouragement to start gyming this year by looking at these pictures –

Varun Dhawan enjoying Scuba


Disha Patani and Tiger shroff during holiday in Maldives


Jacqueline enjoying holiday in Bali



Shilpa Shetty enjoying holiday with husband and son at Dubai

They’re looking exceptionally hot and sexy right? We knew it you’ll like them. Now what are you waiting for? Stand up and go gym.. Haha!!

Are You A Chubby? Know Why Being Chubby Women Is The Real Sexy

Chubby girls aren’t the ones who men want to date. In this looks obsessed world, fat girls aren’t an option for the men. There are a lot of fat girls out there who are starving to lose their weight to attract men, but this is the shout out to you all chubby girls out there. Being chubby women isn’t easy task, they face a lot of body slamming and mocking. No more starving, no more running around gym. You all have a hell lot of advantages which make you superior than skinny girls. Here are few reasons why dating a fat girl is better compared to slim ones.

Why Being Chubby Is The Real Sexy

Easy to Approach

It is easy to talk to fat girls. There is no need for you to hesitate or think twice when you are approaching a fat girl. They are understanding and are friendly. They greet you with a smile and always keep up with you. On contrary it isn’t easy to talk to a skinny and hot girl.


We do not need to clarify Chubby girls are more sexier than well-built or 0 size girls. Chubby girls are always sexy and looks attractive in gesture . They’ve eye-catching personality and have capability to steal your heart.


They are more adventurous and will be your partner for any type of adventures. If you are an adventure junkie then fat girls are the right option for you. You will surely enjoy their company and sporting spirit. May be she grasp a little but don’t worry she will be on for any adventurous trip.

No Calorie Countdown

Fat girls aren’t obsessed with looks, they don’t care about the food they as well as people around them intake. So when you go out with a hot girl, there is no need for you to care about eating the quantity of food you eat. You can eat as much as you want without any worry of being judged.


Damsel in Distress-No way

They aren’t the kind of personalities who worry for little things around them and make it a hassle. They don’t need you to protect them. They can take care of themselves and can solve their own problems without you.

Great sense of humor

Fat girls focus more on their brain rather than on their looks. Chubby girls are brainy. They have a witty sense of humor which makes it easy for you to cope up with them.

No Insecurities

As guys won’t prefer fat girls, there is no need for you to worry. You can just sit back and relax without any tension of losing her.

The way to man’s heart is through his stomach

There is a well known saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and it is fact too. They know how to cook, they love to cook and will definitely win your hearts with their culinary skills.

Laughs from the heart

Chubby girls don’t care about the people around them and laugh their hearts out. People who don’t bother about surroundings and laugh are the best ones and this is applicable for chubby girls.


Chubby girls are more loving and caring. If you love to be with someone who showers you with love all the time then chubby girls are made only for you.

These are just some of the advantages of dating a chubby girl. There are many more benefits that can be understood just by dating them. Yes being chubby is new sexy.

Do You Know Why Winter Is The Best Time To Visit Nainital?

With a sweet happy atmospheric condition and with a pleasant climate and large amount of luxury hotels around, Nainital is categorized one of the best tourist destination in India. It’s preferred by everyone who likes hill stations and natural Nainital lakes. But usually people confused about the best time to visit Nainital. This article will overcome your problem and give you a proper solution.

Obviously Nainital is a place famous for its lake and luxurious hotels and you can find it all the time whenever you visit over here. But people who like chilling in the night air or want charm and cold weather can visit Nainital in the winter months. Winter is the best time to visit Nainital and preferred by most of the tour advisors. In this time, you can enjoy 0 degree temperature with snow fall in Nainital.

Reasons: Winter is the best time to visit Nainital:


People who like natural snowfall with a chilled and airy environment December – February are the best time to visit Nainital. During these months you can enjoy snowfall and snow skating. Childrens enjoy Christmas month December especially with their own creation of Snowbird and Snow- Santa in the other hand couple enjoy February month as romantic month.

Neither too hot not too cold:

Winter month in Nainital give you a perfect season and temperature in Nainital to explore the place. For a traveler it’s a good practice to decide a place and time as well where they don’t get tied due to temperature. So if you are a foot-walker then winter season is the best time with best temperature.

Siberian Birds:

In the winter season you can see many of the Siberian birds near Nainital Lake.  These white showy Siberian birds only come in the winter season.

Comfortable accommodation offers:

By Tourism Department in Nainital there are lots of offer and discount given every year especially in the month of December and January.  So if you choose this time you can also get this opportunity.


Best places to visit in Nainital:

Nainital Lake: Word famous and a natural fresh water body.

Pt. G.B. pant High Altitude Zoo: This zoo is for small and cute mammals also a home for Himalayan birds.

Eco cave Gardens: This is a hanging garden with the musical fountain. This place has 6 small shaped caves for various animals.

Naina Devi Temple: This temple is situated at the 1219 meter height above the sea. This temple is on a hill top in Himanchal Pradesh and known as a holy place by pilgrims.

Snow View Point: Snow view point provides you a 3 kilometer of the magical white snowy view of Himalyas. You can enjoy this place by taxi and cable car because of slopes over there.

Jeolikot: As per survey this is one of the best places liked by female. This place is known as gateway of Naini Lake and colorful flowers with different types of butterflies are the best thing of this place you can enjoy. Jeolikot is especially famous for its butterfly’s population.

So go the Nainital in this winter season if you want to enjoy a chill, snowy and booby weather with lots of adventures.

Meteor Shower India: All You Need To Know About This Event

Meteor Shower India: ‘We are under the one sky’ formations massage display on your facebook profile once you’ll open it.  Now you are thinking how it can be possible? Yes, it’s possible because of Sky Gazers known as Geminid meteor shower can be watch from Wednesday (13 December) night to December 14 (early morning). It will be display as a celestial way and people will have to move out of the glare of city lights to one of the darker region, announced by Debiprosad Duari.

Meteor Shower India:

No need to worry about eye affection because you can watch this shower show without any telescope or binoculars because this magical you can capture in your eye without any protection lens.

It is predicted that Gemini meteor shower 2017 in India would be on the peak at its maximum around 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM on December 14. Gemini meteor will be aerial in the sky and with the lots of meteors reach up to 120/hour.


Debiprosad Duari said, “This year the Geminid meteor shower in India is predicted to peak on the night of December 13 and the early morning of December 14. The shower will start at around 10 pm on December 13 when the Gemini constellation will be visible in the north-eastern sky, a little above and right of the familiar Orion constellation,”.
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Duari added, “Though the meteors tend to originate from the Gemini constellation, they can be observed from most parts of the sky. Since the meteors are relatively slow moving, the bright streaks of light will be easily visible and one does not need a binocular or telescope to enjoy the show while lying on an open ground away from city lights,”

This magical view first saw in the 1862 when Geminid meteor showers reached this level from an asteroid named 3200 Phaethon. That time it had shown like orbit and shooting stars were visible as a great scene that day.  This year on December 13- December 14 again this magical time is coming with the moon almost absent from the sky and you’ll enjoy the shower night also enjoyable this awesome and lovely eye-catching thing of Geminid meteor shower 2017 in India.
Piece of metallic, stone, rocks and dust travel in the space known as meteoroids. The fastest meteoroid move about 42km per second.

Comets chunks of ice with lots of dust and debris come very close to the sun. And due to radiation of the sun ice melts and dust with stony rocks are left behind the comet’s orbit.

He again added, “If the Earth, in its yearly motion around the Sun happens to pass through such a trail of debris of dust particles, the small dust particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere with considerable speed.”

Having Sex after Divorce? Important things you need to know

Divorce is a very critical situation for male and female both. Sex after Divorce just a emotional touch for both. It is depend upon either you go with it or not. In all over the world divorce is just a off from bored frustrate relationship. And sex is for getting two unknown together. Many people think that Sex after Divorce is wrong and some other thing that it’s not. Main thing to be care is the female percentage is higher in comparison to male.

Female go with Sex after Divorce only if she emotionally get touch with that person and she think that he will go long last with her. Just leave all things and enjoy your life according to yourself. Finding love after divorce is good only you have to know your eternal feeling and whatever your heart says you should do.

When you have sex after divorce important thing you should keep in mind:

  1. Before sex know your partner well:

It is better to know your partner well before get together for sex because it’s not better for health to have a sex with unknown. Sex is for Enjoyment and feeling but if you don’t know him you will not be comfortable.

  1. Need to be straightforward with for ex partner:

Before getting relationships after divorce just clarify your ex-partner that now you are going ahead. And clarify that you are in relationship. Don’t keep anything hidden with your ex or new partner about your relationship.

  1. Be real and know reality of physical relationship: 

If you are going to have sex after divorce than make your mind makes up for break up soon because this relation is not for long term. After sex if you get attached with your partner and your partner not agree than this will be more problematic for you. So be real and know realistic things of your physical relationship.

  1. Say no to home:

Avoid inviting him at your home to meet your children and family members. Because it can be shocked for your children or may be your family and they can understand him in wrong way. If he is unknown for you then you should avoid him.

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  1. Sex after divorce with ex-partner no:

Many women think that if you have sex then why not with your ex it will be safe. Which is totally wrong never do that because you can get once again emotionally attached and may be again that reason or problem occur due to which you have departed from ex .So avoid it and live your life independently.

  1. Don’t get emotional it’s not love:

After sex don’t try to call him or get emotional touch or love with him. It may affect your personal family life because it only about to sex nothing else and sex never mean love.  I know that person has given you physical happiness. But it doesn’t means to have love with him.

  1. Be safe use protection:

While having sex with unknown you should have a condom for safety. Finding love after divorce is not a bad thing but play love game safely so that you’ll enjoy too. While enjoyment take care of your health too. This is also your responsibility for using condom while sex.

Who say life after divorce is end. Divorce is just end of relationship between two people not personal life and happiness.  So sex after divorce is good not bad have but in safer mode by controlling your emotion and keep distance with family.

Where to go for Christmas? 10 best Christmas holiday destinations

Christmas is a grooming festival which is celebrated by all religions and in all over the world. If you are bored with your destination and want to celebrate your Christmas with family at one of the best Christmas destination then this article is especially for you. Usually people get confused that what to present in Christmas, Well we’ve some exciting ideas to present a gift for tech lovers here but if you’ve a question where to go for Christmas celebration or to spend holiday time so no need to be worried because here’s the solution.

10 Best Christmas holiday destinations:

  1. Quebec City, Canada:

If you want to celebrate your Christmas wilderness types or go to a place where wilderness feeling you’ll get then this is the best option. Hiking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing are the great things you’ll experience over here.

  1. Key West, Florida:

Where to go for Christmas with a little bit hot temperature and desert? Ok, so if have this question in your mind don’t waste your time to explore here or there just select this destination especially recommended for golden beaches. This is the best destination you can go in the month of December or you can say Christmas month.

  1. Castleton, England:

Christmas celebration in a village is obviously very interesting idea. Castleton is a place with lots of tree and caves and especially famous for Christmas celebration so you can enjoy here your Christmas with your family this year and make this awesome place your best Christmas gateway 2017.

  1. Tromsø, Norway:

Tromsø is a very interesting name and one of the best places to travel in December month.  Blue heaven light and a very romantic moment attract couple to celebrate Christmas.

  1. Nuremberg, Germany:

Minimum 2 million people go to this place for Christmas celebration every year. On this occasion more than 200 vendors and shop keeper create their stall for the visitor in the Christmas festival.

  1. Barcelona, Spain:  

Here you can enjoy your Christmas with beautiful firework, elephant and giraffe. All these create beautiful moment for Christmas. Here celebration start from 4th January means holiday for children.  So this will be one of the best xmas holiday destinations.

  1. Provence, France:

People gathered here for Christmas celebration due to his street beauties and Christmas song from Church spread all around.  In this city people congregate at the big Christmas market on the Place Massena for Christmas celebration.

  1. Napapiiri in Lapland, Finland:

This destination is famous for Santa Claus village and Santa Claus Park. So this place is specially created for Christmas.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina:

This place is full of decorated street for Christmas. Here is full flavor of Southern flair and delicious oddities such as eggnog spiked with bourbon and Shrimp with grits.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic:

This place is known for dazzling decoration on the occasion of Christmas festival. This is best Christmas holiday destinations. Once you reach here for celebrating Christmas you never forget it.

So enjoy your Christmas with any of the above mentioned destination and I assure you that you won’t forget this Christmas 2017 if you visit any of these destinations. Happy Christmas Month!

IVR System – How Interactive Voice Response System Works?

Make use of IVR and interact with automated systems with ease

Advent of technology has brought many changes and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of them. This technology lets human interact with computer through voice or keypad tones. IVR systems can be inquired about services, products or to gather basic pre-recorded information or notices through specifically entered tone or voice. IVR systems take away the manual burden to a great extent in many situations.

IVR systems are used for mobile banking, ticketing, purchases and more by many companies. These systems are basically designed to handle bulk volume of calls. It is installed for exploiting all the potential set of capabilities by pre-recorded and coded instructions that help the caller get through their purpose easily at any time. IVR systems are also great since they are active at all hours of the day and each day of the year.

We all have been encountered with some or the other automated IVR systems. The experience of gathering any sort of information or being redirected to human help is strategic and organised, but some IVR systems fail to deliver the best of results which make the caller hang up. This may be due to inefficient coding or missing possibilities of calls. Many-a-times, the IVRs are not accessible or clear for the callers, due to language barrier or network issues. But nevertheless, they are extremely helpful for the following reasons

  1. IVR systems manage high volume calls effectively and in-time without having your valued customers waiting in queue for help.
  2. It also gathers important contact information, records and registers complaints and feedbacks of the customer and eliminates the manual registration time by creating a quick database for the company to act upon and deliver after-sales or generic customer services to the callers as and when required.
  3. The IVR systems that also re-routes to the human executives can also be distinctively coded and instructed to transfer the calls of highly valuable and loyal customers to your most talented and performing executive according to the database records. This way the chances of delivering higher customer satisfaction increases.
  4. IVR systems are also a reflection of the professionalism of a company. As soon as one calls and interacts with an automated IVR system, a sense of reliability is instilled in the caller. It leaves an impression of a successful and maintained company in the mind of the caller.
  5. IVR system are also a great and simple tool that brings down the operational cost of a company eliminating the need of a person(s) to answer n number of calls and deal with technical requirement and demands which he/she may know nothing about.
  6. Installation of an IVR system is a sound investment to make since it has no cons except for the need to configure and code it carefully with each possible reason that could initiate a relevant call.

With such benefits and advantages of the negligibly-costing IVR system, it is a must-needed technical support that should be in place, regardless of the size of the company.

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