How Are We Compelled To Use Certain Foreign Brands?

We all love those Gucci’s fashion sense and elegance of Louis Vuitton. Not only in the category of fashion and lifestyle, the foreign brands such as Dominos, Nestle, KFC etc. have made their special marks in the business as well as customer satisfaction in Indian markets of food and beverages.

Similarly, there are many other big names which are much more popularized and favored in our country that are overpowering the Indian markets in various other categories.

Our multinational malls, supermarkets, wholesale and retail markets are flooded with the presence of foreign brands in the Indian industry. Somewhat, the demand of those foreign products is much greater than the products manufactured and merchandised by the native Indian companies in the country.

On the first face of the coin, we are talking about national projects such as ‘Make in India’ to promote the Indian industries and enhancing their business making powers, whereas considering the other side of the coin, we ourselves is generating revenues for the International brands by giving sole preference to them over our indigenous brands.

Conceptualizing the viewpoints of a citizen, there are quite many reasons to choose over certain foreign brands over the native Indian facilities. Let us peep into some of those examples with reasons for usage of foreign brands for certain products and services nowadays.

Snacks time with McDonalds!

Whenever we think of eating something good in terms of quality and standardized taste, we usually end up visiting outlets of Dominos, McDonalds etc. Just because we have a nearby outlet, no one takes the extra efforts of visiting Haldiram or Bikaner for eating pretty tasty snacks. Plus, the delivery options with specified time urge the customer to prefer these brands over our native ones. If we give a quick look to the menus of Haldiram and Bikaner, we will obviously find much more variety than the other foreign food and beverages outlets.

Also considering the cost concept, Haldiram and Bikaner are relatively much expensive than other outlets. Thus, combining the factors of outlet availability, Cost advantage, delivery options and standardized taste, people prefer going to foreign brand outlets for satisfying their taste buds.

Uber over Rickshaws!

Have you ever wondered why people are using ‘Uber cabs’ more than local rickshaws and Autos? Or would you prefer fighting with ‘Rikshavala or Auto vale bhaiya’ over the extra expenses he is charging for commuting?

Exactly referring to the point, no one likes to put up daily tantrums for so expensive transportation expenses and thus, end up booking a shared cab for commuting in much reasonable price with ease. A customer who is paying the price will anyhow analyze the reasonable price and reliability and then make a wise choice!

China and Toys!

Whenever we are out for buying toys, we eventually end up buying ‘Chinese toys’ because of its much cheaper rates and variety. Buying toys of Indian manufacturers attacks the wallet of a customer with much more force than buying Chinese toys. Thus, this being the sole reason, people are compelled to buy toys manufactured by foreign brands.

This was just an over view of what we as a citizen are facing because of which we are using much more foreign brands and products over the Indian products. There is a long way to go!!


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