Dating An Introvert is Hard? Here are 5 things you need to know

Introverts are little bit shy, unsecured, and complex but more like you and me. They are neither heartless nor mindless only do they love to live alone. Beyond these entire if you think that dating an introvert is hard. Then you are absolutely right. Well, there are several ways to impress her but If you are planning to date an introvert girl or boy you have to go ahead with full planning otherwise it may affect your relationship. Introvert girl or boy are more sensitive and can know you deeply by only seeing you so don’t be lire to them try to loyal to them . Only they are hungry of love. While dating an introvert guy you need to maintain their feeling and emotion. If you give your 50% percent they will love you 100%.

Dating An Introvert is Hard? Here are 5 things you need to know

Dating an introvert when you are an extrovert is little bit difficult but if you keep some important points while dating an introvert guys you’ll enjoy your relation and dating as well.

Introvert Dating Tips:

  1. Only be loyal not crap:

Introvert guys are more sensitive and emotion with full of intelligent.  Whatever you feel about them just simply express the feeling otherwise they will open your mouth and truth will come automatically.  So never lie to them while dating introvert girls or boy otherwise wise they will never trust anybody. While silent they are more intelligent also. They know what about the near thinking and feeling of you.  They always want a real natural and right person for their life time partnership. So always try to be open with introvert people.

  1. Disclosed your closest friends: 

Due to their simplicity and alone lover they have very less friends but real and good friends to whom they can share their all thing and each and every moment. So they also want to know that, who is your closest friend whom you share everything.  Their intention is not wrong but only they want to know more about you; likes and dislikes. They are more mind readers if you hide your friends from them they come to know very easily. So for better understanding it is good to share and disclosed your friends with introvert friends.


  1. Dating place should be away from crowd:

Introvert guys are alone lovers and they dislike crowd and lots of people around them. If you are dating an introvert girl don’t plan your dates in crowdie or gathering place where lot of people were present there.  They like simplicity so try to make your date simple and a place where gathering should be less. Only they want to spend some quality time with you so that they can understand you better and listen and feel feeling of you.

  1. Keep maintains small talk but meaningful:

Introverts are less- talkative so don’t try to make long talk because it may bore her/him. Whatever they talk has its proper meaning and taught. Especially when you are dating an introvert girls then keep your talk short but meaningful. Keep your talk straightforward and direct like how are you, how was your day today, what you would like to share with me, etc.

  1. Avoid lots of phone calls and text messages:

They are good listener not good talker. So if you are dating an introvert girls or boy it will be better to avoid lot of call and text. They feel eructation with access call and text message. Just simply make a lovable call or message to him a simple text and invite for date. They don’t like lovable pictures or text message every time so you should avoid it. Otherwise your date may spoil.

They like more face to face conversation in silent moment or in alone place it will be better to have a quality time to spend with each other. So above all are the some best important points which you should take care while dating an introvert when you are an extrovert specially.


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