Are You A Die-Hard Fan Of King Khan? Signs To Prove It

The global icon of India, the king or romance, the badshah of bollywood, there are a lot of tags for our favorite star Shah Rukh Khan. Almost everyone admire the bollywood badshah. Be it his signature hand pose or his flawless presence of mind, he always leaves an impact on the audience and his fans. Most of the bollywood heroes have fans for their dance moves, acting or stunts but SRK is the only heroes who have fans for his signature pose. Are you a big fan of SRK. If yes, this is the article that states whether you are just a fan or die-hard fan of badshah.

Here are signs that prove that you are a crazy die-hard fan of SRK


  1. You immediately attract to the people named Rahul or Raj.
  2. You always have his smile and dimple picture as your phone wallpaper.
  3. You would’ve tried the train scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
  4. You would’ve imitated SRK’s signature pose multiple times already to woo your Senorita. And if you are a girl you would’ve already fallen for the guy who tried the pose for you.
  5. You wanted to adopt Rahul or Raj names even or else you would’ve decided to name your kid as Rahul or Raj.
  6. You have a collection of rare pictures of SRK that cannot be found on internet easily. You may have done a complete research and dug deep into the websites, old magazines to get the ultimate collection of some cute, naughty and

    cool pictures of SRK.

  7. You love to hate other heroes. You would’ve have had debate on who is better than who.
  8. You always wait for the bookings of SRK’s new film to open and you make sure to book tickets on the first day.
  9. Not only SRK have a signature pose he also brought many accessories into trend. You must have already owned the collection of these accessories.
  10. Your instagram account must be filled with SRK’s pictures and the dubsmashes of SRK that you had made.
  11. You must’ve used SRK’s dialogue now and then when you are talking to show off that you are the biggest fan of SRK
  12. You adore Kajal just because she is the perfect match for SRK.
  13. You wouldn’t missed trying all the products that SRK endorse
  14. No matter from which state you are from, you want Kolkata Knight Riders to win the IPL trophy.
  15. You must’ve tried his new hairstyle and dressing style that he changes for every movie.
  16. You celebrate 2nd November like a festival and if you are from Mumbai, you wait outside SRK’s house from 12am onwards just to get a glimpse of SRK.
  17. Tears roll down your cheeks without even knowing whenever you see SRK crying on screen.
  18. You never miss a chance to say the world that how he is a self made superstar and he is the second richest star in the world too.

So these are some things that only a die-hard fan of king khan will be related too. Check whether you are one of the fan of our Global Superstar.


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