Emmy Awards 2017 Winners: What You Need To Know Before Placing Your Bets!

On Sunday, Sept. 17, Stephen Colbert  is all set to host the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles.The first round of 2017 Emmy awards took place this weekend. If you’re wondering how you somehow managed to mix up the date of this year’s greatest ceremony, you’re not alone. Let me clear this out for you, The Creative Arts Emmys were held on September 9 and 10.There is a minor point of difference between the two: The Creative Arts Emmys focus on technical achievements like lighting, cinematography, editing, and so on, as well as several categories within the reality, animation, and documentary genres.  A total of 92 different Emmy Award 2017 Winners were announced this weekend.

Emmy awards 2017 Winners

The Creative Arts Emmys are considered a sort of foreshadowing for the Emmy Awards; if a showbags multiple wins in the technical categories, it usually means good news for them in the “bigger” categories to come. This year, Stranger Things and Westworldeach won five Creative Arts Emmys, which may signal an overall fondness for both shows among voters that mean further victories down the line at the Primetime Emmys, where both the shows are nominees in the Best Drama category.

In part because of Westworld and Stranger Things’ early success, HBO and Netflix remain the network with their respective shows having already won 16 and 11 awards.

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2017 Emmy awards date is coming up this weekend full of memorable performances, bracing comedies and bold dramas, and the suspense is building. The Emmy Award 2017 Predictions are everywhere, and it’s very hard to escape them, whether you’re at home on the web or at your nearest costume party.

Will “Saturday Night Live” keep its steamroller momentum going, and collect even more statues? Will HBO’s freshman drama “Westworld”win prizes that might otherwise have gone to “Game of Thrones,”which wasn’t eligible this year because of a delayed premiere date? And will “This Is Us” defy cable dominance, and produce a major win for a broadcast network?

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We’ll find out Sunday night. But we can already guess what Stephen Colbert, will joke about.After all, “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” saw its ratings jump after a new dig at Donald Trump each night.

In the absence of Game of Thrones, the emotionally intense but grounded-in-reality drama ‘This Is Us’ will take away the top prize for Outstanding Drama. Such a win would be the first time a network show had taken the night’s shiniest trophy since Fox’s 24 in 2006. But judging by recent trends initiated by Game of Thrones, looks like the fantasy sci-fi genre is here to stay withtheir victorious robot cowboys, Demogorgons, and even dystopian handmaids.

Netflix’s The Crown could also turn out a major winner on the night, thanks to its ultra-prestige friendly look at the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In comedy terms, Veep is looking like the contender-to-beat for the night, though Master of None, Atlanta, and Black-ishcould also come out strong.


What is left to see now is whether Sunday will have television show fanatics looking for the remote or another tub of their customary popcorn?


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