Messenger Kids: Facebook Launched Social Platform For Kids Under 13

Facebook, the biggest social media platform is now trying to attract kids with its new “Messenger Kids” App. The app was unfolded on Monday and is ideal for kids. As of now the Messenger Kids is limited for US and according to some sources Facebook is going to extend its availability to other countries very soon.

Facebook Messenger Kids

According to Federal Law, children below 13 are prohibited from social media platforms like Facebook, but according to the resources nearly 93 percent of 6-12 years old are using tablets and smartphones and 66 percent of them own the devices.
Facebook created a non-exploitative environment for kids where kids are allowed to talk and chat with the people whom their parents approve. Yes, you heard it right. In Messenger Kids app parents have full control over the people whom their children are contacting.

How does it Work?

This will be the biggest question that would have popped in anyone’s mind when they get to know about Messenger Kids app. No, this app don’t need kids to sign up for Facebook.
The “Messenger Kids” app must be downloaded in the kid’s devices and should authenticate it with their own account. The contacts with whom their children can connect will also be decided by parents.
The kids can’t contact with anyone who aren’t friends with their parents on Facebook. Parents have to give the access to connect with their friends. If a kid wants to chat with his/her classmate, parents of both the kids must be friends on facebook first and later they have to give access to their kids to chat. It is the clumsiest process involved. Hope Facebook will bring new improvements to the app with further updates. In other words the total app will be under the control of parents.

The GIFs and stickers present in the app are also specially designed for children only. There are doodles and live filters during video call option too. Entirely the app is fully customizable for kids use.

Although this seems like a step taken by Facebook to increase its market, Facebook claims that it’s an attempt to provide a safe environment to kids so that they can be connected to their parents and friends all the time.This step took by Facebook has been appreciated all over and Facebook should take care of any implicit activities that may happen on the app disturbing kids.
The app has been rolled out for iOs on Monday and the Android and Amazon Tablet version are yet to come.


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