The Beauty of Festive Season in India – How Pleasant Our Festivals Are?

With Diwali just around the corner, it is rather expected that we see familiar scenes all around us: at homes, at schools and colleges, and even at work places (or more accurately, the absence of it!). The festive season is a series of days, the entire nation looks forward to greatly. Wide amongst decoration, family get-together invitations and overall excitement, there are several other things we look forward to:

Festive Shopping!

It is a subconsciously understood notion that all of us love to shop- in one form or another. Now, what better opportunity or reason to shop than in the festive season! This isn’t an advantage to just shoppers and consumers, perhaps ideally; it is the biggest profit to sellers, retailers and shopkeepers.

In fact, a 2014 study on e-commerce trends noted that more than 50% of online shoppers in India spent more than Rs.5000 on festive shopping*. That itself pushes the fact that shopping is indeed a key during the festive season!

Sense of one-ness

The festive season is usually when offices are closed, schools and colleges are out and companies don’t function. This lets every member of the family come together and bond with through family-time.

Relatives from all over, who the entire family has waited for months, begin to slowly trickle in to the once quiet household. Parents meet in-laws, children meet cousins; the sheer warmth and satisfaction of being able to spend time with your loved ones is worth looking forward to.

Festivities and Celebration

It’d be absolute hogwash to say we look forward to the festive season without mentioning the actual festivities. These may vary depending on the occasion of the festival, some aspects always have remained the same with the passage of time.

The joy

Just the feeling of ecstasy when you wake up to a chit-chattering household, the smell of delicious food, the anxiety of wondering what gifts you’d receive, the people you will connect and reconnect with, these feelings alone is an absolute pleasure.

The Party

No one can deny the entertainment that comes with festivals. Amazing music, dancing, pulling all-nighters with games and story-time sessions, all make the experience even more worthwhile.

The Discovery

As much as entertainment and emotion also plays a role, so does knowledge and wisdom. Festivities open a wide, new door into our cultures; they show us our reasons for happiness and celebration. This can be the most valuable learning experience.


At the end of it all, the most important part of the festive season is realising the fact that we are making amazing memories.

Celebrating occasions with friends and family gives one the most enriching experiences that one can reminisce about. Not only is the mind calmer, it is happier recounting these precious days.

And of course, without denial, one will also accept- these memories, regardless of good or bad, will set up the expectations for the next festive season and thus, give us something to look forward to.


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