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With enormous number of apps surrounding the web, nowadays there is one more bit strange but very interesting app on the internet. It’s just been a week that this app has taken over a greater share of users in consciousness of internet friendly public.

Yes, we are talking about none other than Sarahah App that is trending in the charts of users recently. This app has been launched few months back and gained a good sense of popularity in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is basically a platform to send messages to each other anonymously. Let’s have a quick peek over what’s new with this app.

The aim of this app is to get honest feedback from people around the globe. Anyone can visit your Sarahah profile and leave anonymous questions and feedbacks for you. The one who is sending you the messages does not need to log in and create profile for asking questions to you. Moreover, even if you have a profile, your questions would be sent anonymously by default. You can also tag your identity to the questions, feedbacks or messages you are sending if you wish to. There are options available to flag, reply, favorites, and delete messages in the inbox of the receiver.

Although, the app has made its place in the storage of many phone users, but there are mixed reviews about the same. Somewhere it is found an interesting and fun based platform, but on the other side it is also becoming a contribution to the cause of cyber bullying and harassment of people through online condemning messages. It has bagged 5 star reviews on Google Play along with some 1 star reviews too. This shows up the mixed opinions made by the users about the app.

Whereas it is basically developed to get self re-innovative ideas and suggestions related to personal stuff, but the app is also misused at certain criteria. There have been many considerations by the developers to revise the experience of the people for which the Privacy features has been provided for. This will help you to remove your profile visibility from the search results and restricting your audience to certain people you share your profile with. There are also options available to block the unauthorized users and senders of the messages too.

Developers are still working on the app for making it a better platform.

Moreover this app is not a sole platform serving these functions but there are many other apps such as, Yik Yak, and Whisper directly carrying out the same functions as well.

Whether this app will result out to be a constant hit or is it just a hike of technology that is making it popular currently. It is still a question with answers locked in the passage of time. Let’s wait and watch the effects of this technology bound package on the users’. Only then can we decide – Is it boon or a bane?


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