Going For A Movie Date With Your Partner? 5 Things That Will Disturb Your Romance In A Movie Theater!!

We all love watching movies and are quite excited about it. Especially, going for a movie date with your crush is just like a cherry on the cake. It gives the couple a personal time to caress each other very well. The air filled with romance unfurls all the folds of your relationship and you can feel things heated up a bit more. Watching a movie with your partner spices up the bond you maintain. Isn’t it a jolly good experience to know about what excites your partner and what kind of movies does he like (*winks*)? Or may be explore some sort of other talents… don’t you?

But… Err… There is always one or the other thing disturbing you both. Right? Whenever we go for a movie with our partner, there are some very irritating factors that may ruin our personal moments in the movie theatre. Let us have a quick look over these pretty little things which contribute to disrupt your big moments with your beloved.

Houseful means ‘no privacy’

Whenever you go for a blockbuster movie, starring ‘the Khans or Kapoors’ you always end up watching the whole movie in a crowdy cinema hall with all other families, youngsters and couples sitting straight upright with their eyes stuck right at the screen. Thus, a block buster movie means a ‘Houseful’ ultimately leading to ‘No privacy zone’.

A typically stereotype boring movie

Ok finally, you both agreed to watch a not so blockbuster movie with mediocre set up starring reasonable artists. But as soon as the movie started, it turns out to be hell boring or overly exaggerated with not so romantic and spiced up story. It makes you both feel quite boring and sleepy. This ruins the mood and you end up sleeping or getting completely bored.

An eye keeping uncle

Things are heating up between you both, and you find someone very mysteriously peeping from sides, front or back and exactly focusing on what you both are up to. Yes, he is none other than “the eye keeping uncle”, who will annoyingly stick his eyes on you throughout the movie with no chance of missing even a single move you make. We always find these kinds of uncle everywhere who actually buy movie tickets to watch the cuddling couples! Isn’t it strange!

Security guards and attendants

From the time he checks our tickets, till the time he drops us right out of the theatre as the movie ends, these creatures are super serious about their job. Yes, we are talking about none other than Security guards and attendants along with their super power beam torch lights. They will exactly turn up at the moment, when the couples feel cozy and flash their lights right on to our faces making us feel like a most wanted criminal he has been searching for!!

A sudden interval

Exactly at the moment, when you both are cuddling with each other in the dark surrounding of the theater, a sudden interval with lights brightening up is just like a small embarrassing shock to you both. It disturbs the moment and makes you both feel a bit uncomfortable, right just in the middle of your privacy.

These were few very common things we find whenever we go out on a movie date! There is much more to this…


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