Google Maps’ Motorcycle Mode Is Going Live In India

Google Company has most customers from India so that’s why Google also try to focus on the system and symptoms of the India. For the same approach company has announced a new tremendous feature of Google Map in the country. Google Map version v9.67.1 was launched with a new feature to spot two wheeler mode. This feature was announced in an event ‘Google for India’.  Earlier it was placed with other vehicles like; Train, Car, and Foot and now with two wheeler spot. You can find this new mode feature in the latest version of Google Map you can update from Google play store or android store.

Two wheeler mode of Google Map will help bike riders to find out the most suitable and crowd free route for their bike.

This feature is introduced as ‘India-first feature’ in the country. Sometime bikers face problem of a huge crowd because the misconception of the country travels on bikes run freely only on the few routes not enough to fit a big vehicle.

In the event ‘Google for India’ it was said that India is the largest market for the two wheeler in the world. It has more than 70% registered users of the whole world which pushed Google to launch this two wheeler feature firstly in the India.

Earlier Google Map was helping bike riders to predict the right direction and walking location which is highly optimized for the bikers. But with the help of this feature of two wheeler mode, Google will help to predict accurately speed of your bike and such of the others vehicles too. This will help to secure your life with the accident with the help of predict indicator feature of this updated android app.

The millions of bike riders have different kind of needs of navigation regarding automobiles. Two wheeler mode of this app shows perfect rout that will not be accessible for car, train and trucks. Which will definitely facilitates a navigation of traffic and arrival time estimation feature. As Google Map previously locates the land mark of the routs so this updated version come with the updated and strong landmark feature by which two wheeler riders can plan their rides before go outside of the home.

CEO Sunder Pichai said that, Google has a great focus on the country India play a very important role in the modification and improvement of the Google Map. In fact Google Map has balance their 2x users growth in the India in the previous few years.

So if you are a bike rider then ready to enjoy this updated feature of Google Map with all possible navigation and close posture for the suitable route and location even.


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