Gujarat Election Results 2017: BJP Won A Tough Game!

As per Gujarat election’s counting was started it was predicted that Rahul Gandhi is going to achieve a moral victory in Urban as well as Rural Gujarat. Sensex also goes down by 800 points and Nifty with 250 points down but it is recovering as BJP extends its lead in Gujarat Election results 2017 over Congress and Rahul Gandhi obviously.

Gujarat Election Results 2017

One thing we need to understand that Congress has given them a very tough challenge in the home town of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After a high level marketing pitch and butterfly fight about true Hinduism but now Congress lose the Gujarat Election 2017 proven them wrong in every way. BJP seems to make their government 6th time in Gujarat which is earlier happened in West Bengal only. Aside Modi Magic there is a common thing about Bhartiya Janta Party every other party should think over that is nothing but marketing pitch of Narendra Modi as a real business man. He know very well Uttar Pradesh need politics of Ram Mandir and Kabristan while Gujarat only need good media coverage and luxurious road show as happened in Rajkot almost of 20,000 crores rupees.  And even Rahul Gandhi has started Janeu and Hindu Temple contest reached at the higher level of persistency when Ahmed Patel was marketed as the Pankistani flavored candidate of congress party and a Pakistan supporter. Overall verdict says it’s a verdict and win of Narendra Modi and his magic after a lot of EVM issues claims by Congress party.


Something we need to consider which make a saving grace for BJP in Gujarat Election 2017;

Shankar Singh Vaghela:

In Gujarat assembly Shankar Singh Vaghela is a face who is respected by the BJP leaders too. After he left Congress party it was considered that BJP wins already because as per local filaments Congress is somewhat surviving in the Gujarat just because of him only.

Media marketing policy of BJP:

The best thing I personally like about BJP that BJP knows where to do? How to deliver? Who is the audience and their flavor? I was cleared by BJP that they just have to present their development model in Gujarat no need to pitch their politics based on ‘Kabristan and Shamshan’ as like Uttar Pradesh. A sea plane shown as it was the first sea plane in India conducted like this methodology marketed by maximum media portals and channel but it was wrong. Right thing is first sea plane was in Andaman Nikobar as first Indian conjunction.  So they know what is the important of main source media and social media as well.

Structure of local leadership and star campaigner:

There are lots of big faces as local leader of BJP in Gujarat while congress was defeated by Shankar Singh Vaghela like positive face too. Arun Jaitely, Lal Krishna Adwani, Vijay Rupani, Amit Shah and Prime Minister of the India Narendra Modi itself belong from Gujarat were the star campaigner during the whole election. Except Rahul Gandhi there was nobody in Congress given time in the Gujarat Election as Star campaigner while BJP uses all his star face like; Yogi Adityanath, Smriti Irani, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, etc.

Rahul Ghandhi as president of Congress:

Rahul Gandhi has declared as Pappu on the social media as per the great strategy of the IT cell of Bhartiya Janta Party and this Pappu was declared as the president of a national party definitely convey lots of thing. Even Shankar Singh was saying before leaving the Congress party that ‘Rahul Gandhi is a good person but….’

Modi Magic:

Modi magic still we can see as per the marketing of Gujarat Model, Bullet Train, Sea Plane and other marketing by twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

GST bill Correction:

Small businessmen in Surat especially mentioned on their bill that ‘hmari bhool kamal ka phool(it was our mistake that we’ve given vote to lotus means BJP)’ but Arun Jaitely has made lots of correction in the GST bill during the election of Gujarat which has given a good bonanza to the local trader and businessmen  of Surat and other area of Gujarat.

No doubt everything is set to the shovel of BJP but it was a tough competition given by Congress party and especially Rahul Gandhi makes Modi thoughtful and must have to think about 2019 after this Gujarat Election result 2017.


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