Having Sex after Divorce? Important things you need to know

Divorce is a very critical situation for male and female both. Sex after Divorce just a emotional touch for both. It is depend upon either you go with it or not. In all over the world divorce is just a off from bored frustrate relationship. And sex is for getting two unknown together. Many people think that Sex after Divorce is wrong and some other thing that it’s not. Main thing to be care is the female percentage is higher in comparison to male.

Female go with Sex after Divorce only if she emotionally get touch with that person and she think that he will go long last with her. Just leave all things and enjoy your life according to yourself. Finding love after divorce is good only you have to know your eternal feeling and whatever your heart says you should do.

When you have sex after divorce important thing you should keep in mind:

  1. Before sex know your partner well:

It is better to know your partner well before get together for sex because it’s not better for health to have a sex with unknown. Sex is for Enjoyment and feeling but if you don’t know him you will not be comfortable.

  1. Need to be straightforward with for ex partner:

Before getting relationships after divorce just clarify your ex-partner that now you are going ahead. And clarify that you are in relationship. Don’t keep anything hidden with your ex or new partner about your relationship.

  1. Be real and know reality of physical relationship: 

If you are going to have sex after divorce than make your mind makes up for break up soon because this relation is not for long term. After sex if you get attached with your partner and your partner not agree than this will be more problematic for you. So be real and know realistic things of your physical relationship.

  1. Say no to home:

Avoid inviting him at your home to meet your children and family members. Because it can be shocked for your children or may be your family and they can understand him in wrong way. If he is unknown for you then you should avoid him.

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  1. Sex after divorce with ex-partner no:

Many women think that if you have sex then why not with your ex it will be safe. Which is totally wrong never do that because you can get once again emotionally attached and may be again that reason or problem occur due to which you have departed from ex .So avoid it and live your life independently.

  1. Don’t get emotional it’s not love:

After sex don’t try to call him or get emotional touch or love with him. It may affect your personal family life because it only about to sex nothing else and sex never mean love.  I know that person has given you physical happiness. But it doesn’t means to have love with him.

  1. Be safe use protection:

While having sex with unknown you should have a condom for safety. Finding love after divorce is not a bad thing but play love game safely so that you’ll enjoy too. While enjoyment take care of your health too. This is also your responsibility for using condom while sex.

Who say life after divorce is end. Divorce is just end of relationship between two people not personal life and happiness.  So sex after divorce is good not bad have but in safer mode by controlling your emotion and keep distance with family.


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