Home Alone? Check on this To-do list to have some fun!

So, finally the day has come when you are all alone at your place and have the freedom to do whatever you wish to.

Being home alone is one of the jolliest good times that we have, to actually spend with ourselves. We can totally do anything and everything in this time.

But are you dicey about what to do?

Relax! Let’s explore some of the most hilarious and satisfying stuff we can count on when we are home alone.

Scream Scream and Scream!!!!

Screaming odd things is one of the most exciting stuff one can do when he/she is alone. Yelling crazily embarrassing things and making out sounds is just so overwhelming. Isn’t it?

Embracing your looks for nothing at all!

Sometimes we have a strong inner urge to get ready and treat our looks better for actually nowhere to go. We find a deep sense of fashion divas in ourselves. Being home alone is the perfect time for embracing these looks and feel like next top model.

Groom your Bathroom Singing Skills!

So, here we have the golden opportunity for you to test your bathroom singing skills. We are free to sing whatever we want to in our worst and ear throbbing voice. Alas, no one will actually stop us. Right!

Time for Self Satisfying

Giving time to caress our body parts is a must. And being completely alone may give you much more horny vibes if you wish to! There is nothing that can make you feel sexier than giving a heavenly satisfying time to yourself. Loosen up your belts to reach a mind blowing orgasm or Multiple would do better (*wink*). Well trying your hands, porn, vibrators and sex toys would completely assist you for the job. Get on the ride!

Best day for the one who loves to sleep!

With no one around to chatter and disturb, being alone at your place can be a very peaceful time for the ones who is really a lazy sleeping monster. Literally no one will wake you up and disrupt your day dreams. Happy Sleeping!

Enjoying Solo Dance Party!

Everyone is not so good at dancing and we all have witnessed some shyness in the terms of the same at some point of time. So, being home alone is the most suitable time to dance like a freak and exploring your crazy moves and curves without being worried about your cloths, style or make-up of course. So, go on and groove like a crazy chic because today the floor is all yours!

Cook like a Master chef and Munch on your Maggi and Ice-creams all alone!

No one actually likes sharing even a strand of their noodles with anyone. So, explore you master chef techniques and munch on your Maggi all alone. Along with this, eating a bowl full of ice cream all by you is just like a cheery on the cake. Isn’t that a great deal?

So, with these little tips enjoy your all alone time to the fullest!


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