How Has The Classic Games Turned Into Modern?

Classic Games Turned Into Modern – The Saga

We can see Classic Games Turned Into Modern, I still remember those days when we used to actually create hullabaloo all around our verandah fighting for our batting turn or discussing about the new top that is sold in the market. We all cherish those memories of our childhood and feel so pleasant about it. The games that we used to play for those evening hours or Sunday’s morning match are always the sweetest thing to recall.

With the passage of time, the development has also widely influenced the way we used to spend our playing hours. Nowadays, we can hardly find children playing “pithu gram” or Kho-Kho on the streets like we did in our childhood. There are many things that have changed drastically over period of time including the games which were enjoyed by us long back. Let us recall some of those memories of childhood and have an overview of its alternative in the modern times.

Tops to Fidget Spinners

I hope you remember those pretty heavy tops with a pointed end and ropes for giving it a tremendous spin at once. Setting up that mood of spinning those tops and having a competition with all your friends was just so adorable for all the kids around at that time. Everybody enjoyed it to the fullest and flaunt their beautifully painted tops to each other. But coming back to the reality, Classic Games Turned Into Modern. Nowadays we can hardly see anyone playing with those kinds of tops and ropes now. Instead there has been an introduction to a Fidget Spinner usually known as the stress buster which also spins but unlike a top. It is altogether something new which is used by people recently to actually control or release their stress levels.


Board Games to Virtual Online Games

Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chess, Carom boards and what not! As a kid we used to have an immense love for all these board games. These games actually helped us develop our minds and focus issue along with all the people participating. Having a set of these games in a house was considered so important to celebrate the jolly time together. But now, with touch screen mobile phones as well as whole bunch of apps present in line, one can play these games easily on their mobile sets with anyone around the world with just an ease of touch. This has definitely changed the way of interaction and bond between children as they are not actually connected to each other in terms of spending their time together playing.


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Outdoor games to Social Media and Apps

Having a match with children across the street was considered as a very important event for us as a kid. Outdoor games helped us grow better in terms of health, mutual bonds, team work, playing spirit, and a big bash of enjoyment time. Playing outdoor games is very important for the development of a person’s personality and ability to accept a loss. But if we consider the era we are currently walking in, there is a very less exposure of children to outdoor games which is making them lazy, obese and face various health issues. The outdoor games have been replaced by Social Media Sites, Candy Crush, and online Games which children love to play while spending their free time.


The advancement of technology has already brought us closer to the world and socializing. It is always said to have many great advantages to overshadow the upcoming disadvantages of the same. From health to mental association of mind while meeting, everything is deteriorating in the influence of the technology present in the development of this era.

Dear Old Games, We miss you!


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