How to Measure Compatibility Before Arrange Marriage

Compatibility is the most important thing in arrange marriage. Gone are the days when we Indians used to compare the “Kundalis” of a boy and a girl and then move further if we find any Astrological Compatibility between a boy and girl. Maybe matching Kundli is important but matching Compatibility in certain things is the utmost need of today’s world.

We need to do it to reduce the risk of fights and separation in future. Everyone on this earth have a different behavior, nature, views, and standard of living and it is must that we find the partner of one person with same nature and livings because marriage happens for lifetime and if you’re going to live with someone for lifetime then it’s important for your partner having same nature as yours which we called Compatibility.

Although marriage is also another name of Adjustment, this is the thing you need to do later after getting marriage. Before marriage, you need to measure Compatibility so that you can live happily in coming days. Let’s discuss how to measure Compatibility in arrange marriage or what are those measure to check the level of Compatibility in arrange marriage.

  1. Taste/Choice

Although we cannot expect perfection in the matter of taste or anything some people have same taste and choices in the matter of food, clothing, and other things. In this way, when you meet a girl or a boy before marriage you need to ask them about their taste and choice in certain things like do you like parties, what do you like in food, what’s your choice in clothes and other things? This looks very little things to ask but this really works in future and also shows how deep your relationship will be.

  1. Status

In this modern and advanced world, you can’t avoid this important point which we called Status. It’s mandatory to look about the status and match the status or standard of living of yours and the person who is probably going to be your life partner. Frankly speaking and being honest, a high-class person cannot marry a middle-class or a person belongs to average income group, it’s fact. The high-class people have the same food as middle-class eats but they have very different standard of living and status which is important to consider. Also, for example, a middle-class man cannot afford a girl in the form of his wife who spends thousands of money in a single day until she is ready to adjust for the sake of him or that man start earning huge money for her.

  1. Occupation and Income

Occupation of a person is also an important factor to look while measuring the Compatibility. There are various things that can be affected by occupation. Suppose you’re an army man and you have to stay on out of the town most of the days and one girl wants her husband to be like a normal man like coming home every evening after office, then there will be no Compatibility between them. Also, income is essential. A highly earning girl will expect her husband to earn more than her and if a boy is not earning that much then there will be no Compatibility. Rest is depending on person-to-person.

  1. Family Background

Our society is divided into two kinds of families – Reserved and Modern. Reserved family does not allow their daughter-in-law to work or even to go outside and the modern family believes in providing 100% freedom to their daughter-in-law. Also, there are various clothing issues as the reserved family finds a daughter-in-law wearing Saree is civilized but modern family does not give any attention to such things. So if one’s family is reserved then he cannot be compatible for the girl who believes in modern thoughts.

  1. Nature Thought & Behavior

How can we forget this factor while talking about the important measures to check Compatibility? A person lives according to his/her nature and thoughts so it’s mandatory to check is the person is the same kind of nature or not. Suppose you’re a fun loving extrovert girl and your partner is boring or introvert then there will be no Compatibility. Although it will balance when one boring and one fun-loving will meet but still people check this point while selecting their partner.


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