Indian wedding party dresses for men and women

Wedding rituals and clothes are actually complemented to each other in India. Bride always try to dress up in auspicious colors. Not only bride or broom but overall family members, relatives and friends want to look gorgeous and best in their cloths. But before wedding party we all (men, women, girls, boys) often confuse that what is to wear and how to look. Indian wedding party dresses are always most important concern for everyone. Here, I’m going to give some of the ideas for your dress up which will make you more adorable and symbolize.

Bride’s Clothes:

In Hindu religion bride wears a saree or lehanga where the most considerable color is red. Muslims wear Green Lehanga or Suit Salwar/Sharara while Christian wear white gown. But per changes in the traditions and fashion Hindu bride also wears green, orange, cream, pink and other shades.

 Groom’s Clothes:

Sherwani, Dhoti Kurta, Jodhpuri Suits are the variety of dresses groom mostly consider in his marriage occasion. Western suits are also in the trend of wedding night. Hindu grooms cover their face with flower’s curtain known as sehra. While Muslims use taqiyah in their marriage ceremony.

Most Trendy Wedding Dresses for Men/Boys:

This is not all about groom and bride’s cloths but all the people who attend party consider their dress and want to look most trendy. Here’re some of the trendiest wedding dresses for men;

  1. Kurta with Salwar:

If you have height and good personality then this is perfect for you. Try a versatile style of a man that makes you more handsome. Use short Kurta with free Salwar. Don’t use shoes wear pair of sandle.


  1. Dhoti Kurta:

Typical traditional bottom-wear for men but always looks trendy. Especially for 35+ men this is the perfect dress to wear. Nowadays Dhoti pants are available in the market which is very easy to wear

  1. Sherwani:

Sherwani is a long coat like Kurta with awesome jari work and polish. This is one of the most considerable, comfortable and affordable outfit for every age. Latest trend includes one sided bold pattern of embroidery.

  1. Kurta with Tulip:

Tulip is a kind of pant something like new pattern salwar. With tulip if you wear light shade of kurta you really look cute and traditional. You can also wear turban with this outfit.

  1. Jeans with Denim Kurta:

Many of the boys prefer denim kurta with Blue jeans which actually look very dashing and trendy. This outfit is not for married people but really a bingo combination for simple and lovely men.

  1. Safari Suit:

Regular suits are obviously all time trend in a wedding ceremony but you can do something more advance and simple. You can use blue or khaki colour safari suit in wedding ceremony if you got bored with the traditional and regular suit style.

Most Trendy Wedding Dresses for Women/Girls:

Girls always want to look beautiful and unique from others and if the occasion is a wedding party of a closed one then why they should avoid it? So girls don’t be confused because here’re the solutions;

  1. Saree:

No no no, I’m not saying to wear a saree only. But a girl can wear saree in different style with low west and stylish blouse. For married women this is the best choice ever to wear a free-hand saree and choose color of the saree according to trend.

  1. Lehanga:

All time favorite dress-up for girl or women. Ghaghra choli with a long sized Dupatta(Chunari) always increase your importance in wedding ceremony. Only focus on color combination and the way of wearing. Nowadays light color ghaghra(bottom outfit like a long skirt) and duppata with stylish blouse in contrast color are in the trend.

  1. Royal Gown:

If you want to look stylish and royal you can choose trendy colored royal gown. Pink, Glitter shades, golden, silver, white colors are in the trend.

  1. Lehanga Suit:

This is the combination of lehanga and suit in which a girl looks cute. Long size koti with a bottom wear Ghaghara or Palazzo make you fabulous in your bestie marriage ceremony.


  1. Silky Palazzo with Long Suit:

Palazzo is one of the most trendy outfit consider by girls nowadays. But they look adorable when they wear Silky golden or silver colored glitter palazzo with long length kurta or suit.

  1. Long Skirts with Short Tops:

Long skirts with light shades or dark shades both are very likely outfit by girls. This will add wattage if girl wear a short top with the skirt. Most trendy tops styles are boat neck or coat neck for the top girl can choose with their long skirt. They can also take a thin chunari with this combination.

So, here are the amazing Indian wedding party dresses for men and women, choose the best one and wear at your friends, relatives party.


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