IVR System – How Interactive Voice Response System Works?

Make use of IVR and interact with automated systems with ease

Advent of technology has brought many changes and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of them. This technology lets human interact with computer through voice or keypad tones. IVR systems can be inquired about services, products or to gather basic pre-recorded information or notices through specifically entered tone or voice. IVR systems take away the manual burden to a great extent in many situations.

IVR systems are used for mobile banking, ticketing, purchases and more by many companies. These systems are basically designed to handle bulk volume of calls. It is installed for exploiting all the potential set of capabilities by pre-recorded and coded instructions that help the caller get through their purpose easily at any time. IVR systems are also great since they are active at all hours of the day and each day of the year.

We all have been encountered with some or the other automated IVR systems. The experience of gathering any sort of information or being redirected to human help is strategic and organised, but some IVR systems fail to deliver the best of results which make the caller hang up. This may be due to inefficient coding or missing possibilities of calls. Many-a-times, the IVRs are not accessible or clear for the callers, due to language barrier or network issues. But nevertheless, they are extremely helpful for the following reasons

  1. IVR systems manage high volume calls effectively and in-time without having your valued customers waiting in queue for help.
  2. It also gathers important contact information, records and registers complaints and feedbacks of the customer and eliminates the manual registration time by creating a quick database for the company to act upon and deliver after-sales or generic customer services to the callers as and when required.
  3. The IVR systems that also re-routes to the human executives can also be distinctively coded and instructed to transfer the calls of highly valuable and loyal customers to your most talented and performing executive according to the database records. This way the chances of delivering higher customer satisfaction increases.
  4. IVR systems are also a reflection of the professionalism of a company. As soon as one calls and interacts with an automated IVR system, a sense of reliability is instilled in the caller. It leaves an impression of a successful and maintained company in the mind of the caller.
  5. IVR system are also a great and simple tool that brings down the operational cost of a company eliminating the need of a person(s) to answer n number of calls and deal with technical requirement and demands which he/she may know nothing about.
  6. Installation of an IVR system is a sound investment to make since it has no cons except for the need to configure and code it carefully with each possible reason that could initiate a relevant call.

With such benefits and advantages of the negligibly-costing IVR system, it is a must-needed technical support that should be in place, regardless of the size of the company.


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