Top 10 last minute gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just days away and are you still scrambling to find great gifts, then this is the right article for you. Here are a compilation of top 10 last minute gift ideas that will make this Christmas merrier.

Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Heat Revealing Mugs

The mugs that change their color when hot water is poured into them are definitely a great gift. This gift becomes a great way to start your loved one’s day and they will remember you surely each time they use the mug.


If you are in search of last minute gift ideas for him then the right choice is Whiskey. Gift him a bottle of old and tasty Irish whiskey for this Christmas. This is the best way to show your caring towards his interests and will surely make him feel loved.

Adjustable Metal Belts

A best way to show your girl that you care about her is by buying her some beautiful accessories that she can pair up with her dresses. Metal Belts are surely one of the best accessories that a woman loves. This last minute gift idea for her will impress her to a very large extent. The metal belts that match with any dress she wears is definitely a great last minute idea.

Personalized Cushion

A cushion on the sofa that tells the words that came out of your heart will always be a best last minute gift idea for a best friend. The love towards your best friend can be shown in words by printing them on this cushion. This is a must have cushion on the sofa and is surely the best last minute gift idea.

Gold Cufflinks with Engraved Initials

These royal cufflinks with his initials engraved on it will surely make him stand out of the crowd. These suitable for any occasion will please him to the core and will stand as a great last minute gift idea for him.


Portable Charger

Nothing is as annoying as a dead phone. With the increased usage of phone, the battery lives of devices are being decreased. At this time the portable charger will act as life saver and will surely tops the last minute gift ideas.

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The best way to keep your friend away from cold is Scarf. No need of great accessories or sweaters, just a smooth scarf around their neck will relieve them from this bone cracking chills. So if you are in search of a beautiful gift for your friend, then this will surely help you in making her happy.

Head Phones

A music freak is common in any group of people and your group isn’t an exemption. Branded earphones with good audio bass is the right option to satisfy that music freak. So pick the best ear phones that are available in the market to gift them

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer with a sliding calendar and clock is a perfect gift for a workaholic. The organizer comes with a place for phone and pens which is surely the best organizer on a desk.

Trendy Clothes

If you are in search for best gifts for your teenage cousins or friends then have a look at latest trends. Check out the latest fashion trends and select the right clothes that suits them. This is a sure shot way to steal their hearts

These are some of the last minute gift ideas for Christmas Eve. Gifts are meant to bring people closer and the gifts that impress other people will surely make this Christmas memorable for you and your loved ones.


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