Excited for College? Meet these commonly found characters at the Campus!

Being in college is just a new experience for a young school student. It is actually a different kind of freedom and atmosphere which you will witness once you start having a note of college diaries, there are so many types of students in college who are commonly found characters at the campus.

Meet these commonly found types of students in college!

As the college life of new exited batch has just begun, there are some sort of special characters which you will definitely find in every college campus. Let us have a quick look over some of them.

The Ragging Seniors

Whenever we enter a college environment, we will always find those clever looking seniors teasing the 1st year fresher’s the most. They are usually the one frustrated out of their college ragging and implementing the same on the juniors.

The Nerdy Topper

So, where school was just an easy level for them, these nerdy toppers are none the less in their college years too. They are always around professors for highlighting their so called existence for internal marks and end up topping all the semesters brilliantly.

Famous Canteen Vale bhaiya

He is the most loved person in the college. The one and only angel who cares about people and brings food for them. This bhaiya possess a special importance in the institution. Whether professors or students, everybody knows him so well!

The Famous Hunk

This one guy is so famous amongst everyone in the college and one of the most commonly found types of students in college. Every girl knows him so well and he is usually the phone directory of the college. He has contacts with all the professors and dearly knows each person associated with him.

An eye keeping gate keeper

This is the most strange person in the college. He is always confused whether you are from the same college or not. He gives such weird looks to everyone, as if we are here for beg, borrow, steal mission! He gets so irritated from his job and sometimes ends up fighting with one of the notorious kids at the college.

The Oh-So-stylish Diva

This is the walking beauty parlor and a Fashion designer store, all in one. She is always dressed up so elegantly as if she is the next top model. With tons of make-up on the face, she has the eyes of all the boys around, she is one from the most common types of students in college.

Always Angry Professor

Every college has this one person who is always frustrated and angry, no matter what happens. This professor looks pretty much oldie and is usually giving very despicable looks to all the kids around. People love irritating him and making mockery out of his behavior because of his Always Angry Style.

The Non Existent

This person is someone who is actually sort of invisible and no one known him/her. They are so quiet that they hardly get noticed at all. They usually don’t have any sort of friends and their power of being nonexistent in their wholesome presence is super strong.

The Butterfly Professor

She is the most beautiful professor ever hired. Boys love the way she teaches and are always keen to attend her lectures. She is the butterfly of the college who is famous amongst all the staff and students.

The Social Activist

You will always find a person who is against the authorities for several causes. She is actually the social activist who loves fighting the authority and is whole heartedly devoted to her work of serving the society. She is usually found sitting on Dharna or in a rally for the cause.

The Paan vale bhaiya

He is the best friend of every guy in the college. After all he has all the stuff that teenagers look for (*wink*)! He knows the choice of all the people visiting him and takes care of people need so well!

So, these were some of the commonly found characters in the college campus. You have much more to see this season! Good Luck!


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