Most Common Dialogues You Heard From People During Rainy Season

Ladies and Gentlemen, rainy season is finally knocking our doors and we’re very excited to open the door and hug it. Rainy season is the most pleasant season, a season of romance, a season of happiness, nature’s beauty and a season of farming. We all love rain and we all enjoy it.

But there is something during the rainy season which we all experience among a group of public, family or others. Either you’re weather expert or not, all of your predicts the weather, not only the weather, all of you make certain assumptions and all of you becomes a weather, farming expert as you did Ph.D. on it.

Here we will discuss those most common dialogues you heard from people during rainy season and we’re sure you have definitely heard them –

“Aaj Dekhna Jor Ki Barish Hogi”

When the clouds begin to thunder, all unprofessional weather experts start making assumptions “Aaj Dekhna Jor Ki Barish Hogi”, not only this many people start predicting how much will it rain. I have seen many times, many people start making assumptions whenever they see the clouds begin to thunder.

“Hawa Badal Udaaa Le Jayegi”

Such kind of people is the real enemies of rains who make guesses “Hawa Badal Udaa Le Jayegi”. Whenever I see such people, I feel so much pain why these people exist? But they are not rare, in every street, in every city, you will definitely find such people who predict either it will rain or not.

“Iss Baar Monsoon Jaldi/Late Aaya”

I would like to add such people into the list of “unsatisfied people” who say “Is Baar Monsoon Jaldi/Late Aaya”. Why don’t they feel glad at least as finally, monsoon arrives? Such people belong to those people who do not feel happy what they, but feel sad for what they do not have.

“Iss Baar Kheti Achhi Hogi”

There was a day when many people started considering themselves as farmer when a government was providing benefits to them. Those days are gone, those people are now silent but these kinds of people are still here who predicts “Iss Baar Kheti Achhi Hogi” like they are farmer since birth or they did Ph.D. in agriculture.

“Baarish Mai Nahi Nahaate Bimar Pad Jaoge Beta”

Here comes the caring and cautious person who always stops their beloved ones by saying “Barish Mai Nahi Nahate Bimar Pad Jaoge Beta”. Such people ruin the fun maybe, but they’re so cute because they care for you.

“Yar Cigarette Pine Ka Dil Kar Raha Hai”

 Let’s talk about the smokers who always look for excuses to smoke. Although I don’t know how it feels smoking during rain as I do not smoke, I know it really feels good to smoke in the rain as I have seen many people asking for the cigarette during rain.

“Garam Bhajiye Ban Jaaye to Maja Aajaye”

The combination of Bhajiya and Rain is just like the combination of a cup of tea and biscuit. In almost every house, we listen from people “Garam Bhajiye Ban Jaaye to Maja Aajaye” and the ladies of the house start to tighten their “Sari Ka Pallu” and cook Bhajiya with a cup of tea.

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“Chal Chale Tafree Karne”

This dialogue is famous among the youngsters. Either it’s a group of girls or boys whenever it starts raining, your friends call you and says “Chal Chale Tafree Karne” and then you wake up, take your vehicle and start roaming the city.

There are so many dialogues we heard from people during a rainy season, but above are the most famous and common.

Monsoon is here guys and you’re surely going to hear all these dialogues from people, enjoy this season of joy, romance, and love. Enjoy Monsoon!!!!!!


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