New Year Resolution Ideas To Bring More Sufficiency Into Your Life

Every New Year we take many new resolutions in our lives .So countdown has started to take or choose the best resolution.  Every year we choose resolution but we don’t follow it even for a month. Have you ever thought why does it happen? It’s just because we choose worst resolution every year. So it’s time to try some best New Year resolution ideas. There are many ideas for New Year resolution but your New Year resolution should be best easy and interesting so that you can follow it regularly.

Here is some best innovative New Year resolution for you all – 


Help self to become creative: 

Creating some interesting drawing or making flower or houses or anything you love to make can refresh your mind. This New Year resolution is perfect for you if you are bored with your daily work load. Colouring is the best way to refresh your mind. You will enjoy this resolution like a child.


Avoid alcohol: 

We all know that today our first priority is health and due to professional life we continuously take it. This New Year resolution be a healthy resolution if you avoid alcohol. In the beginning we all take it in smaller quantity but after spend of some time, little becomes bigger which damages our healthy liver. So this New Year avoiding alcohol is going to rock your life if you will follow it.




Prepare your own meal:

If you are going to choose your resolution for your healthy life then you can go with this resolution of New Year. It is a fact that those who prepare their own food for himself, will be totally fit and fine because those who prepare their own food will consume less food in comparison to those who take much more food and become unhealthy.

New Year resolution for student


To wake up early in the morning:

To wake up early in the morning is good for health too. Early to bed and early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise is truly said. For a student wake up earlier in morning is better for their study.  Be proper with your bed time and wake up time. If you wake up early in the morning, it will make your mind more sharp and intelligent.


Become good reader: 

In this New Year try to read all good books which can makes your mind more broad and sharp.  For a student, to know about different authors are good and think larger. You will become good volunteer among your groups because you may know about all authors and publishers. It will entertain you as well as enrich your hobby too


Use social media less:

For a student this resolution will be best as he will be saving time to study. Time saved can be utilize in studying or gathering new information. I am not saying to totally stop social media but use less. To be totally involved in social media can lead you to some mental health too. Just make a limit of your time to use social media.


Cut your pocket money to save it:


For every student pocket money play very important role in their life.  This is the money from which they fulfil their little dreams. So for students this New Year resolution is going to save their money too. From your little saving, from your little pocket money, you can make large contribution for anything, so now onward start saving your little pocket money.


New Year resolution meme:

We all know that every year, many people take resolution either to quit smoking or drinking alcohol or some bigger resolution too. Some achieve were as some does not. We should make only that goal, which is in our territory which is possible to achieve without becoming a meme, only to be laughed at. Speaking in vain does yield any fruit. So be wise enough to yourself, because you know your calibre. Do not speak or act in an awkward way. Your act can make meme.


So enjoy your new year with lots of care, happiness and take a new but highly reliable initiative and try your best to reach the level. Always remember taking New Year resolution means you have to do and try your best because your initiative will be reliable only when you attempt your best.


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