The Nobel Prize Winners of 2017: Let’s Talk About The Legends!

The set of Annual International Awards bestowed on various categories in the sense of providing recognition in the fields of academics, cultural development and scientific advances is the Nobel Prize Ceremony. The Swedish Inventor, Alfred Nobel established this back in 1895. Before 1980, the medals made were struck in 23 carat gold. Not 18 carat green gold plated with 24 carat coating are awarded. The prize ceremony takes place annually in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the Peace prize is held in Oslo, Norway. Each Nobel laureate receives a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money as decided by the Nobel Foundation. As of 2017, each price is worth about US $1,110,000. It is regarded as the most prestigious award in all fields. The Nobel Prize Winners 2017 list is announced and the event is scheduled to be held on Sunday, 10th December and will commence at 4:30 AM IST.

Nobel Prize Winners 2017

The Nobel Prize winners in India are Rabindranath Tagore, C.V Raman, Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen and Kailash Satyarthi. The list of overseas citizens of Indian origin are HarGobin Khorana, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and Venkataraman Ramakrishnan. Ronald Ross, Rudyard Kipling, Dalai Lama (14th) and V.S Naipaul are Nobel laureates with Indian linkages. Rabindranath Tagore was the first Indian citizen to be awarded the Nobel Price while Mother Teresa is the only woman on the list. Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. C.V Raman, in 1930 received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. Mother Teresa, in 1979, received the Nobel Peace Prize “for work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitutes a threat to peace.”

If you are wondering how the Nobel Laureates are selected, it can be explained in brief as a 6-step process. In the month of September, The Norwegian Nobel Committee starts to receive the nominations. These nominations are submitted by various members of organisations such as national assemblies, governments, international courts of law, university chancellors, professors of social science, philosophy, law, history, theology and leaders of peace research institutes. Previous Nobel Laureates also get to nominate. The nomination process goes on till February. February being the deadline for the submission, March is when the shortlisting process starts. The adviser review goes on from March to August and in October the Nobel Laureates are finally chosen! At the beginning of October, the Nobel Committee chooses the Peace Prize Laureates through voting. The decision is final and without appeal. After all these processes, the Nobel Laureates receive their prize in December.

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The whole idea of the series is to stimulate great minds in the process of creative thinking and bringing together experts of various fields. By sharing the achievements of people of great excellence, people around the world are inspired to do something phenomenal. The recognition provided to the recipients of this award also serves as a global level appreciation for the efforts of the individuals in the betterment of culture, science and literature.


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