Ghoomar Song: Now Censor Board Expressed Objection On Deepika Padukone’s Waist

After replacing the deepika padkone’s most controversial upcoming movie name Padmavati to Padmaavat, censor board has asked to make some changes in the Ghoomar song too.

Censor Board has official asked the makers of Padmaavat to make some changes into the song. Let’s know what changes censor demanded.

Censor Board expressed objection in showing Deepika Padukone’s waist while dancing in the song. On the other hand, Karni Sena was already opposing the dance of Deepika Padukone by stating “no Rajput women dances in this way”.


Finally censor board has asked the producer to cut the scenes wherever Deepika’s waist is visible. Now the Padmaavat team is going to face huge efforts in editing this popular song “Ghommar”. Enough graphic technologies will be used to hide the waist of deepika padukone in the song after that the film will be reassigned for the approval of censor board.

Well, we hope everything will get fix soon and the producers will not have to go postpone the date again which is currently fixed as January 25.


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