Pornography Addiction: 5 False Things Pornography Teaches People

International survey says, 45% to 89% of men while 50% to 90% women uses porn websites every day. Several other surveys show that, 60%+ are women who uses internet while 40% are men only.  Pornography addiction enable your behavior in the terms where you use a wide range of platforms, websites, social medias on your laptop or smart phones just to watch porn videos, clips, images, etc.

Pornography Effect:

Porn company actually markets their product in a positive manner and show that it’s not harmful to use but it’s not for every tools or equipment. Sex education is good but its bitter truth that, sex education always makes you excited. In fact some of you are reading this article just because you are addicted. Sex researcher says, porn in not bad when you use in an implication level but it’ll be problematic due to following reasons;

  • Personal marriage life will be affected because lack of love.
  • Social life will be affected because you’ll spend your time with pornography and by-cot your friends and relatives in your free time even.
  • Addiction of anything will cause of health issue always. And pornography addiction means you are supposed to use alone sex every time whenever you’ll be in depression or in fact free time. It’s dangerous to your health.
  • Report says depression, social isolation, financial issues, and decrements in productivity are the main effects always causes by Porn Addiction.

5 False Things Pornography Teaches People:

Selfishness overtakes love on bed:

Just to have it just to be satisfied and lots of many things which actually shows selfishness of an addicted people. Pornography actually teaches you to avoid your spouse’s need and only focus on what you want immediately and instantly. It’s make a relationship very annoying and careless.

Very tough attitude with women should be during sex:

You can do anything and women will accept it after some time. Horrifying a woman is what teaches pornography to a man. Usually pornography shows that, whenever you want and what you want or way you want you’ll get it from women. If not you can even treat them tough and rough which teach man to forcefully conduction with a woman which is not a right thing.

It teaches two major things about a woman that make man horrifying;

  • Women are always ready whenever you need you can get her.
  • Women are sex object and anything man can do with her.

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Avoid foreplay and hurry burry in sex is actually makes you sexually lazy:

Pornography makes a pathway in your brain that sex is all about body and his penis satisfaction. Survey indicates that most of the people usually avoid foreplay for quick satisfaction. They can’t even wait on bed.  I can’t understand neither your partner, nor your bed is going anywhere then why to hurry in love?

Greed of quick satisfaction makes people lazy in sex they avoid foreplay which is the close indication of love with your partner. We never learn that how to please each other and become a lover in the other hand pornography teaches it’s all about your penis satisfaction.

Sucking of a cock and having cum in mouth is the common term for every woman:

Very common thing a pornography sites shows you about a man’ penis satisfaction that every woman can take their dick in her mouth which actually totally wrong. In fact for health concern woman should avoid it even she is forced by her man.

Clean Shave is the main concern:

In the United Kingdom, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers says that pornography always shows that clean shaves are the main concern and follow by both of the partners. But it’s wrong because even survey says 78% sexual relationships are successful if they avoid clean shaves.

Always remember shave clean is your wish, it’s not always necessary and demanding thing by your partner. It’s good to be clean but you can go otherwise too.


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