Preparation Tips For Exams: Do Not Run From the Exams, Let the Marks Run Behind You

The season of examination is coming near where all the academic structure is going to change. It’s a time to prepare for the examination with an aim to earn good marks for a bright career. However a good mark doesn’t decide your future but with good marks you can gain some confidence to break different challenges you’re going to face in future. Without wasting your precious time and discussing more about the basics, let discuss about the core point for which you’re here – how to prepare for the exams?

Here we’ll give some universal tips which will be applicable for all level of examination in a student’s academic career. We understand there is a bit difference between the preparation of school based education exams (10th and 12th), admission tests (CAT, MAT, XAT) higher education exams (Undergraduate and Post-Graduate), competitive exams (UPSC, SSC) but there are some common things which gives an exceptional positive results at last. We’ll cover those things below –

How to prepare for the exams?


Schedule Your Studies

Exam time is near and you should not think about either to open your textbook or not, you’ve to open your textbook and start studying from now otherwise it will be too late to manage. Just make a time table and schedule your studies accordingly. Do not think so much about the exams; just think you’ve to complete all your subjects one month before the exams so that you will have enough time to revise what you’ve read properly.

In this step, you’ve to make a plan where all subjects will be covered and you can give more time to the tough subjects where you think you are weak.

Take Help

Your aim should not be earning good marks but understand the concept too because with an aim of earning good marks, you can perform bad in the exams but with an aim to understand the subject matter you will definitely earn good marks in the examination.

Now we you know there is nothing bad in taking help or asking your queries to your sources. Take help from anywhere you think you will understand well. Yes, browse the Internet for alternate knowledge and reference notes, reach your teachers, ask your friends and colleagues, join coaching classes and do everything which can bring knowledge to you but doesn’t mean you put yourself into the well of confusion. Only do this thing in case you’re not getting enough knowledge to understand the concept.

Organize Your Study Material

The most common mistakes usually students do is starting studying form random material which ends with lots of confusion. It is nothing just waste of the time and sources you have. First organize your study material including notes, textbooks and reference books and start studying.

 Prefer Notes

You should prefer notes more than general textbooks as notes helps you to understand the subject material faster than the textbooks. Also, it helps you to learn things nicely and for long time.

Do Not Rush

Do not rush and do not study just for formality. Do not compare with your friend that he read more than you or you are far behind from him in the matter of complete notes. This is study not a competition where you need to compete with your friend. By doing this, you may skip the important chapter where you’re weak.

Focus On Your Weak Part

We would not recommend you to skip that part where you’re weak. This is not a good idea because sometimes because of nervousness you even forget how to deal with the question where you have been mastering but try to give more focus on your weak part so that you can cover the whole question paper perform well in the examination.

Stay Balanced

Confidence is a good thing but don’t be over-confidence because sometimes this puts you down and ruin you. Stay confidence but don’t let your confidence to cross its limits. Also, give equal time to your food, family, meditation even sports with studies but it refresh you and reduce the risk of depression and stress.

Consider Old Exam Papers

Old exam papers give you an idea or demo or glimpse of the question paper you’re going to face in examination. Consider old exam papers, try to solve it and know how much capable you are to face the exams. But don’t be stressed if you’re “blank” while solving the paper. This is just an old question paper; you’re not actually appearing in the exam that time.

Create Strategy

Every student has his/her own strategy to crack the exam so better we should not tell anything to you here to make you confused but we can assist you by telling where do you need to make strategy?

First think how much time you will give to a particular question so that all questions can be covered into the given period of time. Also think how you will face the question paper and how you will write.

Revision Is Must

At the end of the study, the only thing remains with you to do revision. Just revise whatever you’ve learnt. Make a short chit containing short notes with bullet points. Read them and revise them.

 Final Note

Nervousness is the major reasons behind forgetting everything you’ve learnt so do not let this emotion to bury you. Just be confident whatever you’ve learnt and enter the examination with a motive that you’ll come out back with a smile on your face.

Best of Luck!!


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