Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley Speech: Acceptance Of Congress Defeat

Rahul Gandhi has always been the talk of the town, as the minute he starts speaking, people expect him to embarrass himself. He has mostly been in the news for all the wrong reasons.  And the people who still support him maybe believe that someday there would be a strong opposition party under his leadership, but that obviously seems like a far-fetched idea.  Check the detailed Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley Speech below.

Due to the prior decision taken by the BJP, such as demonetization and staggering growth rates, Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley speech did give him a chance to redeem himself , and it was an excellent platform to express his viewpoint. But he started his speech with a story about tsunamis and tribals. And he went about to talk about everything, which was not exactly related, but he made the speech anyway.

Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley Speech

What the voters actually faced in relation to him was the issue of Dynasty, and this was one topic which went about for his entire speech. He kept making un-required comparisons with The Ambanis as well as The Bachchans and this sparked a light when his speech was debated upon later.

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He did make a good point about how India should maintain its growth rate in the current situation and talk about how India needs to turn a  number of small and medium businesses into international companies. He also complimented Modi on being an excellent Prime Minister and doing a lot for the Indian Economy as a whole. He also talked about violence and hatred amongst people and religion which needs to be curbed at the base.

He did touch upon one of the main issues or stigma of unemployment being present in India, and how only 500 jobs are created daily, while the number of job seekers are at least six to seven times more than the number of jobs being there. He mentioned that India does in fact have the opportunity to wipe out poverty and it would be a huge win for India if it manages to do that by 2030.

Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley speech mentioned that BJP cannot take credit for India’s Independence as it wasn’t involved in the freedom struggle, and though many felt that he was criticizing the Prime Minister, in a democratic country this is allowed is what the rest feel.

Overall, he did touch upon all the matters of importance to India but seldom managed to redeem his prior image through this Berkeleys Speech. Rahul Gandhi’s speech today was actually one of its kinds.


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