DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Comparison – Which One You Should Buy?

Dà-Jiāng Innovations is a Chinese technology company whose headquarters is in Shenzhen, Guangdong that provides manufacturing facilities throughout the region. The CEO of the company is Frank Wang.
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China.

CEO: Frank Wang

“Be inspired from a new perspective” is an inspiring line which is written on the firm’s website which has a deeper meaning and makes deep sense.

DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Comparison


Flight Time

Mavic Air`s flight time is basically around 6 minutes less as compared to Pro. Usually When it is  compared to Mavic Pro ,Pratima has an improved air time of  30 minutes. Those who are in need to  make it fly in the sky for  longer periods ,flight time may be seen as a major drawback.


What if you forget your sd card at home?don’t panic since in Mavic pro,the recording can be done in air without SD card .8 GB of internal memory is present in Mavic Air where you can save pictures and video directly to the Aircraft.

Video Transmission

Latest Ocu Sync technology is used in Mavic Pro .Full High definition real time video transmission can happen, i.e 1080p ,30fps .wifi video transmission is implemented by New mavic air which runs in our mobile by first sending video from drone to Rc and then to mobile.It allows to run video in HD.{720p,30fps}.

One of the most distinguished thing is Mavic air has no telemetry screen while pro has.Overall if we compare both Mavic Air and Mavic Pro, the remote controller of mavic pro is better than that of mavic air .
Obstacle Avoidance

Rear obstacle avoidance is present in mavic air model which enhances it’s safety while in the air.Sensing of obstacles up to 20-25 metres is possible .It’s all due to accurate forward and backward dual camera vision systems.

APAS is an acronym for  Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems ,helps Mavic air to cross obstacles in an  intelligent manner.

MAVIC AIR offers a new and unique way of controlling the aircraft that is by hand control. When we compare with mavic Pro it’s an added gesture and an advantageous point for Mavic Air .

Nowadays ,due to its two operating modes it has become social media friendly .

The two modes which it offers are :

(1) Boomerang : It is the mode of operation in which it circles around the subject by taking an oval shaped path just like of most of planets and finishing the video when it again comes to the starting point.

(2)Asteroid: It is the mode in which it starts with a spherical image which descends when subjected towards the ground.

Which one to get?

Now basically it depends on you now ,which to choose .If you want to buy smaller,lighter,faster and good looking asset, MAVIC AIR is the best option.The qualities which are searched in a dreamed drone will help you judge better.If your budget is low and you are thinking of buying a drone, Mavic Air is the Best for you. Hence I hope you have enjoyed the ride of DJI s drones at low cost having high functionalities.Many coupons are also there ,which are available on Shopping applications like Amazon ,Flipkart and etc. for a better purchase.


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