Teenager Life – How To Helve Teens And Hatch Them Into Better Individuals

When a couple welcomes a new born into the family, it unleashes rampant joy and plentiful happiness in everyone’s life. So, if they want to enjoy the infancy and naive phase of their kiddo, they should be mentally prepared to handle him/her as a teenager life. Adolescence is nothing but a phase of life which should be cautiously blended-as said by some people. Some people are in a dilemma as to how they would handle their child when he steps into teenage, which is absolutely not an issue. Instead, parents should feel happy that their child has finally begun to enter the realms of life. He has become a bit matured, provided his maturity now needs some direction and not discretion.  By discretion, we mean that things should not be forced on them any longer, they should be guided along and things would automatically fall in place.

Teenager Life – How To Helve Teens And Hatch Them Into Better Individuals



Here are some steps where you can actually guide your child in his new phase of life. Try avoiding problems, as it is better than the cure.

  1. Be a trustworthy person, a close friend and guide

If you find your child spending too much time infront of the mirror or with the phone, do not thrash them or snatch away their assets since it may have a negative impact. Your child has no idea of what he is up to, his growth hormones have seized the power of distinguishing between evil and good. Thus, all he needs is a bit of care and understanding, soothing words and a pat on his back. He will share all his secrets with you and you don’t also need to keep an eye on him.

  1. Leave them free, let them live their own dreams

This is the phase of life where teenagers want to have all the fun and push their responsibilities and studies aside. Till a certain time, don’t freak at them, let them enjoy their moments. Afterwards, show him a direction and assign him tasks. He will surely try to win your confidence back to procure the “good kid” title. Do not restrict him, instead make them responsible. Let them be accountable and answerable to themselves. Never try to impose your dreams on them, take their opinion and count it. If not proper, gradually give examples and try changing their mindset.

  1. Don’t react when they answer back

Yes, it may sound weird but this is the best answer to bring him back on track. They might not be needing your advice more often, might return late from parties and make sullen faces if you interrogate. The best thing that you can do is instead, leave them on their own and slowly talk things out by setting examples. Show him the correct path, let him decide for himself. Don’t force your opinions just stand out and supervise. Don’t lose your calm on them as they might revolt back which would lead to undesirable consequences. If they see you patient , they also will feel for themselves and blossom into a bright future thereafter. So, don’t go head over heels after them, just  sit back and wait!


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