4 Reasons Why The Protests Against SSC Are Vital

The SSC protest has been continuing for over five days now. The agitated students have demanded a CBI investigation to investigate the case. The purpose behind this protest against SSC is the People are suspicious of the fact that some papers for the SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier II Examination had been leaked and mass cheating had taken place. SSC which conducted the CGL examination from 17 to 21 February this year had to cancel the second shift on 17th, after malpractices were reported at an exam center in New Delhi.

Protest Against SSC


Over the days hundreds of students are protesting against the scam outside CGO Complex, Delhi. On 28th Feb, they had taken permission from the police to carry out a march till the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Some reports have stated that a student was arrested near CGO complex. Under the Section 144 (unlawful assembly) of CrPC , which had been imposed, GTB Nagar, JLN and Delhi University metro stations were shut down.

Reason 1 – Paper Leak

The shifts that were held before August 15 2017  for the Tier I exam were comparatively difficult  for  which the students had approached the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)  that further led to the delay of Tier II exam. The SSC had announced its cutoff as 131 but suddenly changed it to 126.5 citing is as a “technical glitch” and confirmed the date of the exam just one day prior to its actual date. On Feb 21, a Facebook page that exposes SSC scams had revealed that the mathematics question paper had leaked with some of its answers. It urged that it had received the answer keys from students itself following which the exam got delayed by two hours. The page had also cited that some students had taken test from remote locations.


Reason 2 – Vacant Posts but No Vacancies

Children have seen so many struggles in their lives that a sense of security which a government job provides tends to overpower all incentives. Prestige, recognition and an ultra level of security enforce them to strive hard and achieve these posts by their sheer hard work and dedication. Our Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley  in Union Budget this year had promised us 70 lakhs jobs this year. But it is really hard to say that in this negative environment of foul play, red tape and nepotism can our government fulfill its promises? Can it really appease the frustrated students? Will parents now give great examples of their forefathers who strived hard in those days for these jobs to their children?

Reason 3 – Time Bound Selection Process

SSC can be considered as the laziest recruitment body in India where you can find lots of delays during the recruitment and selection process. It reveals the results very late, once results declared, more delay in further process can be noticed and once the candidate is selected, more delay can be noticed in assigning the posts to the qualified candidates. SSC takes long time in revealing the results and after results declaration, it takes so much time in assigning the posts to the qualified candidates.

Reason 4 – For Your Children’s Future

As a responsible citizen of this country, it is our duty to support all the legally acceptable and rightful protests where the future of the nation is involved. It is simply unexplained when years of hard work, dedicated efforts and sleepless nights are shattered by these turmoils. We hope that SSC comes up with measures to pacify their demands and conducts its exams in a fair manner henceforth.

Final Words

Being a supportive domain, Our duty is to spread awareness, talk about the good things as well as faults, give suggestions and question to clear our doubts (and so we’re doing). Since we’ve no evidence, so we want people to think on their own and then take further steps. We will request the protesters to not follow any illegal actions. Protest in the rightful and legal manner.


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