Checkout Some Ways To Avoid Cyber Crimes In Online Chatting

Nowadays, for every small thing what we want to achieve, we take the help of internet, be it for gaming networks, be it to order food, be it any cashless transaction or even sending messages. So when this messaging concept comes into the picture, there are some net etiquette to be followed. We always have to keep in mind that enjoyment is short-lived, what follows us is our own character. There is a popular saying that-“prevention is better than cure”-So we should always try to shade ourselves from any upcoming threats which might lead to serious consequences in the  later part of our life which cannot be reverted back .

Things to be taken care of while chatting online:

  1. People usually become wayward when they communicate with the opposite gender. They get carried away by their emotions, they feel like sharing their entire bio-data and what not including phone number, residential address, etc. This is where a pause is required. Instead, they can discuss more on the common hobbies, fun elements and interests.
  2. One should always respect the other person’s emotions and stands. They should know what to talk and especially since it is a public forefront, they should also know how to talk! And one should take utmost care when it comes to playing pranks and jokes. The other person might not know the depth of your joke, it might also feel like a taunt. So, its better to hold your tongue.
  3. If a person is using slangs or abusive words, there will always be a “Report” or a “Block” option in every messaging app. Read the instructions carefully before implementing and make sure you better report the matter to the security team or erase that contact forever from your list.
  4. It is not unusual for people to ask for personal images. Never ever give up on this. Don’t share your personal images or pictures with any stranger online.
  5. Always verify the background data of the strangers before accepting any friend requests. Cross check two to three times if you find anything fishy. If you feel, there is some probability of hidden information behind the curtains, it is better to decline the request.
  6. Always be careful of your “Who all can see?” before posting anything or commenting on anyone’s posts. You can improve the privacy of your shared content by making best use of the privacy settings of that app and always try to keep yourself hidden as much as possible. Share only relevant information not updated ones.

The world of Internet is a boon as well as a bane for some. It solely depends on us how we make use of things which are provided to us. Like as in this case, if we use it wisely, we gain good friends who can be trusted upon at a later phase of life. But if we give up on everyone, we might lose our own dignity down the lane. If you follow these net etiquette for your safety, no one can touch you.


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