Thrive Architect Plugin: Build A Page That Reflects Relevancy And Is Great For Business

Presence on the cloud space has become mandatory for everyone individual and entity now-a-days, and the easiest way to have an evident and valuable one is through a website or web page. Now how does one own or create a web or landing page without any technical knowledge? Though the only way to have a web/landing page needed a professional web designer or developer earlier, the game has eased. With Thrive Architect plugin in the market, you can now create a web page within minutes.

What is Thrive Architect Plugin?

Thrive Architect is a plugin for visual page builder for WordPress. It is a tool that helps to in creation of attractive landing and sales pages. It not only takes care of the visual treat, as focused on by the users, but also saves precious time to build the page as quickly as possible, which one could have otherwise wasted in twiddling around the short codes, HTML etc. The plug-in is extremely user friendly.

It is an efficient word press plug-in that homes exceptional features that enhance the look and functionality of a website or web page. It can rightly be said that it is the best way to make the web pages or blogs look more professional and genuine. As word press is a blogging platform, the pages and blogs created on them have a casual look to them which are not able to generate optimum or converted level of business.

Thrive Architect lends the web pages a more business centric look. It is an easy to work with visual page builder for both, novices and professionals. This plug-in is great and featureful. Creating a web page or landing page or a blog used to be an exhaustive and time-consuming process, but with this wonderful plug-in, the task has come down to wondrous and swiftly paced minutes.


Another reason why this plug is much needed is because relevant content and eye-pleasing web pages are the two requisites for any successful website. This cannot be denied that monotonous or lengthy reading stuff can only become interesting if related images or pictures are added to it . And as Thrive Architect makes it simpler for the user to conventionalize articles or pages with all style related elements, it justifies its rising demand.

What all pages can a Thrive Architect Plug-In help you with?

Thrive Architect Plugin helps the users and bloggers to create different kinds of pages as follows:

– The plug-in perfect to create a Homepage using one of the professionally looking templates available on the plug-in. The plug-in gives the user an option of adding various elements like icons, buttons etc to give the page a personalized look according to the theme and features extended.

– Thrive Architect is also a great tool for building a landing page which comes with a built-in feature for lead generation. This is not only helpful for the user in trapping the potential customers but also extends a great chance to the user to have and maintain a useful database.

Once the user is done with creation of homepage or landing page, he/she is given an option to format the blogs. This again falls in the category of personalizing and editing as per choice to give the page or blog an appropriately reflective look.

There is much more that you can do with the Thrive Architect for example, you can create webinar pages, sales pages, product launch and event pages, etc. Thrive Architect is the ultimate tool and product for just everyone who wants to take the internet by storm with relevant and valuable content.

Edit with Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is not only a new page builder but also lets you edit existing pages with the Thrive Edit. For doing so, select ‘Edit with thrive Architect’ and browse the page or blog you want to create or edit. Once you submit that, a window will pop up. You will be asked about the header and the title you want to have on the page or blog. Along with the pop up there will be a lit of options appearing on the left side; from where you can drag and drop the elements you wish to add and have on the page.

Now let’s now learn how to create a page with the Thrive Architect plug-in!

Thrive Architect gives a user two options for the creation of the web or landing pages. A user can either choose a template that is already uploaded on the plug-in to start with or the user can choose to start from the scratch if they wish to have a totally personalized look.

How exactly to create a web page with a blank page? Let’s get started!

1: Add a full screen background to your page: Now, not all the visual editors and page builders come with an option to have a full screen background but with Thrive Architect you can do that. You should ideally add an image in the background and then if you wish, you can add a transparent or solid filter over it to subtle it down. The customization totally depends on the choice of the user. You can add and put as many filters and effects as you want to your background.

Note: Another amazing thing that you can do on the page is to suit yourself with the sections. Thrive Architect gives the user an option to split the content and visual into two parts. This lets a user to have a combination of any two things they wish to display on the page from text, image, video etc.

2: Content Box Placement: Once the user is through with the background setting, the content boxes and sections need to be placed. The content box is a great section partition that can be either placed with a solid white background or you can have it with the screen backdrop as the background. You can also add an icon in the content box is needed.

The user also has an option to drag and change the box placement even after having added text. With thrive Architect, the future is made easy as one can save the edited content box settings, customization and changes as a template if they wish to use the same in future for other pages or blogs.

3: Adding footer or testimonials: After having the content placed and the body and conclusion done, what adds to the

However, if you wish to work with a template, you will find about a hundred options to work with. You will also be extended the option to edit it if you wish. Once selected and through with making the choice of which template you want to work with, you can customize as follows. Testimonials are a testament to the quality of business and services being offered and so, Thrive Architect plug-in has a pro option of adding that.

There are two templates of the testimonial available on this plug-in. One has two columns with an area for image and another for text with 3 boxes. While the other option has a plain box for you to simply enter the information. You can also add a quote icon which can be added using the elements and option of Advanced on the pop up that edits the testimonial position.

Now the basic purpose of the landing page or blog is to generate leads. Thrive Architect has two kinds of in-built lead generation. There is a sidebar on the page that you create which gives you an option of dragging and adding a lead generation option. The sidebar also gives the user an option of setting the blank input boxes vertically or horizontally, however feasible.

Another way of installing a lead generation in your blog or landing page is through Thrive Lightbox. This step 2 built in gives the user an option of choosing and highlighting an option through the Animation & Action element on the sidebar.

4: Integration with API connection: Once you are done with the creation of the background, content, testimonial and adding lead generation functionality, it is important to integrate it with the email. When a user comes to your landing page or blog and they put in the information in your input boxes, it is important for the owner to be notified and receive it ion mail as a record for successful database creation.

5: Thrive Architect’s notification manager is a great feature for the user to stay updated whenever there is any movement or interaction made on the page. The email configuration is easy and comfortable to do with the Thrive Architect with the API feature. The API feature of Thrive Architect makes it really easy for the user to connect the page to the email for database delivery, reCaptcha, email delivery and marketing etc.

What if one wants to create a page with the in-built page template? Thrive Architect has over 100 styles of page templates to choose from. Once you select a particular style you wish to work with, the content cursor will appear in the boxes. Here, you can add text as you want. As you put in text, there will be a bar on the top of the page for you to select which section to edit i.e. heading, background section or landing page. Suppose you choose the heading, a list of editable options will be listed on the left like text options, layout and position, background style, borders and corners, animation and action, responsive, shadows, style & template etc.

In all, this amazing plug-in an absolutely easy to use plug in. It is a great tool for customizing and creating landing pages for a business purpose with the basic and no technical knowledge. The plug-in actually is a saviour for beginners as they don’t have to spend much hiring a professional to build their page.

Apart from the editing features, the mobile responsive features of the plug-in makes it an ultimate favourite since it helps the user to stay updated even on the go. Now, that you know what exactly and how to do once logged in, you can get started right away!



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