Top Controversial Baba and Guru in India – Let The Controversy Begin!

India is known for its rich culture and heritage. It has over nine religions and a varied number of communities present with different kind of beliefs and practices. Amongst them are some of these religion bound godly considered gurus which have become the most Controversial Baba and Guru in India. Yes, we are exactly talking about those so called ‘baba’, which have bagged the sense of popularity without even being directed or produced by any famous name. Being a guru or a baba is considered to be a very feasible business nowadays, with a little amount of startup cost, considerably low investment as well as having a ‘no-shave’ look all the time.

Controversial Guru and Baba in India

No doubt, they may be considered as godly figure by many, but the law has always won over the sins committed by them. Let us have a look on these so controversial but law caught up “guru and baba” personalities of all the time.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

With breaking records of popularity on internet in recent times, Gurmeet Ram Rahim baba has been accused of raping a girl and will be sentenced to an imprisonment for 7 years on 28th August 2017. Along with acting in his film, ‘The Messenger of God’ which was actually rejected by censor board before release, he also owns many music videos, sung songs and has also been entitled to as Rockstar baba. Also, his organization has been considered for various Guinness World Records. He’s one of the Top Controversial Baba and Guru in India.

Sant Rampal Baba

With his Ashrams spread all over Haryana, this baba was an engineer in his early days and hopped onto this profession at the age of 63. He was caught up into legal issues when he had a dispute with Swami Dayanand Saraswati, which also resulted in the demise of a being. After being arrested, his ashram was raided and a lot of sex related stuff was discovered along with cameras in female restrooms and ladies being trapped and molested in the ashram.

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Asaram Bapu

Born in Sind, India, Asaram bapu was in the focus of attention for quite a long time and one of the Top Controversial Baba and Guru in India, initially for his great deeds and thereafter for heinous charges in the climax. With over 425 Asharams and maintaining more than 50 gurukuls, this guru has a number of controversies entailing his so called ‘sadhu-life’. He was accused of sexually abusing a 16 years old girl and was caught up on the charges of the same.

Raadhe Maa

She is actually the most glamorous women found in this industry of spirituality and gurus. Raadhe Maa’s exceptionally glittering attire adorned with loads of jewellery with a very unique style was something a bit over whelming for her bhaktas! Her unusual gestures and acts of Godwoman were exposed and criticized in number of controversies where she was found indulging in indecent and vulgar activities with her followers. Also, many pictures portraying a very exposive and sexy image were circulated over web which made her popular among the masses. She was accused of a dowry case where she instigated her in-laws for assaulting her for dowry.

So, they all are top controversial baba and guru in India who have always been in the eyes of the people and the media.


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