Top Spiritual Durga Puja Wishes And Quotes

​​India is one country which has enormous diversity within it. People from all cultural background, ethnicity and religion stay here together. From Hindus to Christians to Muslims, everybody lives in harmony together and that’s the reason India is called the land of festivals. Get the spiritual Durga Puja Wishes and Quotes below –

The Blissful Durga Puja Wishes and Quotes

“Pyaar dosto ka, duaaon bado ka, par aashirwad maa ka”

One of the greatest festivals celebrated in India is Durga Puja. It’s an annual Hindu/Bengali Festival which is celebrated across a period of 6 days. People send their Durga puja wishes to each other by visiting their homes, meeting near pandals and celebrating it with utmost joy. It includes decorating the stage and temples by people, performing art and so much goes on in this period.

“May Maa bring Joy to you and your Loved ones”

All the devotees who celebrate this festival send across messages to one another such as “May Maa bless you with happiness throughout the year”. Since it is a regional festival, warmth is spread across in all languages. Durga Puja wishes in Hindi, English and Bengali are sent to their loved ones. The most famous wish would be “Sarad Shubhecha”, which every Bengali must have heard about.

Durga Puja is an old tradition, as developed from Hinduism. It is till date not clear how this festival had begun and in what century did it start, but it did bring a lot of warmth and happiness in the lives of all the Bengali’s who became Durga Maa’s devotees.

“Sher par sawar hoke, khushiyo ka wardaan leke, har ghar mein viraji ambe maa, hum sabki jagdambe maa”

People who are not even Bengali’s are really excited during this time. As they go over to all the Pandals and the cheerfulness is spread all around. And the food during this time is amazing! You get all types of non- vegetarian dishes, and the most savored one is the fish that one gets. There are so many stalls which are usually put up where Bengali’s sell handicraft items, stalls are put up which involve games for young ones and of course loads of food stalls so that one can enjoy everything won this auspicious day. People celebrate this holy festival with Durga Puja Wishes and Quotes.

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As and when you’re up for this special day, you can see that your phone is vibrating with the messages that you have got from all your friends and family. You generally receive Durga Puja sms in Bengali, Hindi and English.

Durga Pooja Wishes and Quotes –

“Her Divine Blessing. Energy And Power will be with you this Durga Puja”

And not just sms, there are alot of quotes which are seen at this time of the year. The most famous one being”

“Wishing that Durga Maa gives you the courage and strength to fight away all the evil forces that come your way”- HAPPY DURGA PUJA.

This is one festival that brings across life, tradition as well as culture to the people. It is celebrated in the month of September in a lot of states across India. On the last day of this occasion, idols are carried out by the devotees and immersed in a nearby body of water. And finally this fun filled festival comes to an end with everyone waiting for it to come by next year.

“Is Durga Puja Aapki zindagi khushiyo se bhari ho, duniya ujale se roshan ho aur ghar par maa durga ka aagman ho”


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