Are you a true Delhiite? 10 signs you are a true Delhiite

India’s capital and union territory symbol of foods, art, historical places, sweets and shops. A political administration of India owns its high-court, ECM, Cabinet Ministers and headed by a Chief Minister.  Delhi is the largest and leading commercial in north India and the second most productive metro city of the country. Culture of Delhi is actually influenced by a big historical association as the ruler of the country. It might be possible that people complain lots of thing about Delhi but as a true Delhite I can give lots of reason to love Delhi.

Are you a true Delhite? Check youself:

  1. Fast Food from Butter Chicken to Aloo Paratha:

‘Parathe wali Gali’ is all time favorite place for foodies and butter chicken from Chandani Chowk adds wattage. You can find lots of street foods and Sweet Street which will make you a Delhi lover.

  1. Delhites have intimacy of barging:

If you are true Delhites then definitely you love these decade terms, like; ’OMG! This is too much costly’ or ‘Bhaiya please’. You always use to of buying as much as cheap goods. Delhites ables to deal anybody and influences them for a cheapest rate.

  1. Delhi Metro – a delight for Delhites:

World’s 12th longest metro and second most productive metro of India is Delhi metro. Obviously people are habitual to the metro. Every delhite’s daily routine involve journey on Delhi metro at least once a day.

  1. Jantar Mantar to India Gate:

If you live in Delhi and didn’t take a part in the candle march for any of the justice then it’s not worth obviously. Delhi is full of youth and they are very habitual to start candle march against any violence. Nirbhaya to JNU and Anna’s Lokpal to Farmer’s Rally, every day a new candle march or protest we can see here. And citizen of Delhi always be a part of these kind of genuine protest always.

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  1. You love street dogs are cute and friendly:

A true Delhite is moreover love cute little street dogs and behave very friendly with them. Survey says, almost 70% family lives in Delhi must taking care a pet (mostly dog). In Delhi is a city where every year almost 3000 street dogs are adopted by common gentle people.

  1. Politics lover and political debates:

Usually people avoid to be in the politics but Delhite are the actually youth always involve in the politics. May be they are living in the political capital of the India that’s why. But discussion and debate on a political topic and issues are very common in Delhi, in fact you can see in the metro, bus, road side also.

  1. True Delhite must be a Jugaadu person:

Very interesting thing but useful and encouraging thing everybody should aware with. A Delhite well known of Use of heating iron for Maggie making and as a hair straighter.

  1. Love old ford and monuments:

True Delhi lover actually encourage themselves to visit Delhi because they love historical monuments.

  1. Helping nature with a great heart:

“Dilwalon ki Dilli” is not just a line but a fact which describe that Delhi is a city of people with full of humanity, love and heart. Citizen of Delhi are known as open heart people.

  1. Music Lover- From Yo Yo to Bang Bang:

Yo Yo Honey singh to Bang Bang or Dhinchak Puja everything gets famous from Delhi/NCR. Delhi is a symbol of masti, party and songs and Delhite really love it a lot.

So guys, if you are from Delhi just feel awesome because you are awesome and if you are from any another state then please must visit Delhi to enjoy its bunchy, crunchy moments and environment.


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