Useful tips for smartphone users – How to use it optimally?

If you are tech freak and love buying smart phones, then you must be always looking for hidden reviews, tips and tricks on how to make better and more use of your expensive smart phones.

Every phone is coded for smart and efficient functioning, which can be further improved once you know the tips and hacks. These tips and tricks opens way to to a better user interface of these smartphones.

Useful tips for smartphone users: How to use it optimally?

Lets learn some of the brilliant ideas and Useful tips for smartphone users.


– Do not use your brilliant smart phones while charging it since the concept of simultaneous use of it reduces the battery life as well as health in the long run.

– Make sure you use your smart phone with low power mode so that you cannot only save battery but also improve the longevity of the battery.

– Cease your phone from buzzing at each secondary notification to save battery drastically with the pull and fetch function as and when possible.

– Since the in-built OS of our phones is burdened with applications and heavy files, releasing and clearing some of the unwanted data may be helpful.  This also keeps phone updated and lets it function better. You can also follow some steps to free up android space to increase internal storage.

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– One of the best Useful tips for smartphone users is to make sure you make good and regular use of the ‘Remind me Later’ feature of the smart phones of today, since it is a great way to not miss on anything important.

– Now-a-days, phones are improving their cameras evidently. Make sure you learn how to use the front and back cameras with each feature such as zoom and focus etc that come with it. The face recognition and blink clicks are also newly dominating features that must be used for better and difficult to capture images.

– You can now also use the camera of your smart phones to scan and save important documents without having to carry the hard copy. There are many different apps to merge with as well.

– The in-built filters of the smart phones like Vivid, Bright, B&W etc are also great to edit and improve the look of the images. The cameras these days are of the quality as same as the DSLR which makes them a better choice. In fact the applications that can be used to improve the pictures are also worth downloads and usage.

– No matter the megapixel of the cameras, using the camera lens as an attachment to the phone is a perfect choice for a photography lover.

– Using smart phones cameras are also great while on the go to translate messages, capture names of important things to find their availability etc.


– Use the great and advanced in-built cloud sharing services that come with your smart phones for sharing files with people around you instantly. Rather than the cliched blue-tooth or messaging options.

– One can also capture spectacular 360 degree scenery with the panorama mode that comes with most smart phones these days.

– You can also stay entertained with usage of offline applications that work on airplane or no data mode as well which is a useful tips for smartphone users.

– Many smart phones offer an extended feature of SOS calling on emergency numbers even when the phones are switched off, which is a great boon in difficult times.

With these and many other applications, one can drastically improve their usage of smart phone with increased battery life and better camera usage anywhere. Enjoy Smart usage of your smart phones!


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