Weird Celebrity Dresses: Checkout The List Of Top 10

Dresses are something that celebrities now-a-days have gone totally overboard with. In a struggle to look different, they end up looking weirder than ever. The boundaries of “being weird” are stretched far that it is indeed fascinating to look at all of them and wonder, “how the hell can one walk out of their house wearing something like this”. Thus we give you a list of Weird celebrity dresses which is a must read through, and it would make your day!

More and more celebs have started dressing up outrageously, and have become the talk of the town for their amazingly weird sense of dressing. Some call it fearless while some just call it plain stupid.

So, checkout the list of the 10 most weird celebrity dresses ever:

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, being one of the prettiest maiden across the globe, is also known for quite a lot weird outfits, but her floral dress and cape combination, sure did look like a bed-sheet of flowers wrapped around her. This is the outfit that she wore at the ‘The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY Salute To The Beatles’ in 2014, which is something totally worth talking about.

Nicki Minaj

Obviously, who could top the charts other than Nicki Minaj! Her totally outrageous dressing style has made a lot of heads turn since way back. But the Little Red Riding Hood dress that she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2012 counts as being the most weird one amongst all of them that she has wore till now.

Lady Gaga

Remember that time when who else but Lady Gaga wore a dress which was the most weird celebrity dress ever worn, because it was made of meat! We understand your love for fashion but that’s something that people eat girl!


And the next in the list of course goes to Beyoncé’s Robocop Outfit, BET Awards 2007. The pop goddess had an undying love for robotic dressing, and then she decided to dress like that too! So she decided to wear a metal stage outfit, which looked straight from a different era altogether.

Kelly Osbourne

Another one dressed up as food! And not just one but two of them this time. Kelly Osbourne’s Eggs ‘N’ Bacon Costume at the Halloween of  2009
It was a full sunny side up for Kelly Osbourne and then-boyfriend as they both headed to Heidi Klum’s big party dressed as eggs and bacon.


Rihanna once wore a spiky Leather Corset,  and oh boy, even though she looked absolutely weird but she’s one girl who could carry the most fierce outfit well too. She was totally studded and spiked in an outfit that looked way too gory! Hard to look and surely way hard to carry.

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Rihanna (Once Again)

And another outfit that Rihanna wore was the totally naked dress! Rihanna’s Naked Dress, CFDAs 2014 was the talk of the town as that was one bold outfit to be worn and it sure went down as the weirdest celebrity dresses ever.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is also another stud girl who once wore a fishnet outfit, imagine this! She had managed to stunt us with a white fishnet number while attending the iHeart Radio Music Festival


The most amazing way to get noticed by the world would be to wear the swan dress like the one Bjork’s wore at the Oscar. She sure did take “Fly high like a bird” literally! But a commendable outfit to carry for sure no matter how weird it was.

Charlize Theron

And last but not the least Charlize Theron who outwit everyone when she actually wore a dress which had a full set, or you can call it a bunch of roses around her neck at the 2010 Academy Awards!


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